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The Armenian genocide The Armenian genocide
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-10-13 10:50:22
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For centuries, Armenians and Turks, among other ethnicities, lived in peace under the Ottoman Empire and the Armenians were known as the "loyal millet". Despite other ethnic minorities and although Armenians were not equals putting up with certain special hardships, they were accepted and there was relatively little violent conflict.

ovi_armen02_400However, at the closer end of the 19th century things started changing, especially after many countries rebelled and took back their freedom; a new wave of nationalism had started, especially between the ethnic minorities with the Armenians as one of them. The Ottoman Empire was already splitting into pieces and the only thing that was holding together was the lack of agreement between the European powers on how to divide it, since everybody wanted a piece to control, including the Austro-Hungarian empire, the British and the French colonial powers of the area.

After Greece's independence, the Armenians became the only major Christina minority inside the crippling Ottoman Empire and naturally the most isolated. Independence became the natural next step for the Armenians, but from the other side the Turks were not willing to let another minority escape. Furthermore, there was another issue for the Turkish nationalists - they were dreaming of the greater Turkey.

ovi_armen03_400They wanted a Pan-Turkic empire to replace the falling Ottoman Empire, which would expand from the Aegean Sea to Central Asia with one common language and religion. Between these two pockets of Turkish speaking nationalists, there was one problem: the Armenians. They were the only ethnic and religion group that was different from them and the solution was elimination.

The European powers were worried about the future of the Armenian minority and started asking for better treatment of them, while the Ottoman government started to worsen and by 1890 a pogrom, ordered by sultan Abdul Hamid II, resulted in hundreds of thousands of Armenians to lose their lives.

In 1908, the sultan's government was replaced by a new governmental style that symbolised the end of the Ottoman Empire; it came into power with a coup and with the support of the Armenians who hoped for a better future. Unfortunately, the promises the Armenians received from the 'Young Turks', the leaders of the coup, concerning reforms proved to be lies. It didn't take long before the Turkish nationalists took over the Young Turk's movement becoming dictators lead by Enver, Jemal and Talat. These three men were the ones who masterminded the plan to completely eliminate the Armenian race and make the dream of a Pan-Turkic empire a reality.

The chance to put their simple plan into action came with World War I. On April 24th 1915, hundreds of Armenian leaders were murdered in Istanbul followed by thousands of others all around the country, since they were without leadership there was no reaction. The massacre expanded to every side of the country, except Istanbul and Adana because a large number of foreigners lived there and they might have reacted.

Oddly, this is reminiscent of Hitler's Germany and the Jewish victims, which is another similar example of modern day genocide. The Armenians completely cooperated with the massacre and followed instructions for relocation, which was "for their own good." First, the Turkish government asked them to hand in all hunting weapons - something that the Turkish army later claimed as proof of the Armenians planning a revolution - and then asked all the able-bodied men to help the war effort. However, most of them were killed immediately or put to work like slaves till they died. The remaining residents were asked to prepare for relocation by bringing only what they could carry with them and they were led on death marches.

ovi_armen04The death marches were led by the Turkish army and most of the Armenians were raped, starved, dehydrated, murdered or kidnapped. Of course, the army pretended that nothing was happening until they arrived at their 'relocation' destination, which was nothing other than the Syrian Desert, Der Zor, where they were shot dead. The very few that managed to escape and survive all this only did so thanks to the help of foreign missionaries, Arabs or very few good Turks.

After WWI, the Turkish government tried to hold some criminal trials and found the three men guilty in absence; that was it. Turkey let the USA draw a border with the newly born Armenian republic and included six former Ottoman providences and a long coastline on the Black Sea. However, soon Kemal's forces pushed the newly returned Armenian refugees even further forcing them to sign a new treaty that was an insult to the millions of victims of the genocide. The treaty included that they will never return to Turkey and they will never ask or receive any kind of compensation.

The Turkish government deny that they committed genocide and have spent millions of dollars trying to hire professors to change this view. However, Turkey has to be forced to recognise this genocide and compensate otherwise this is a crime others will commit if it goes unpunished. After the Armenian genocide was the Jewish Holocaust by the Nazis and it was based on exactly the same plan.

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France2007-04-07 11:46:40
Armenian are asala terorist

rahman2007-08-14 12:36:20
all these games were created by fucking Americans & English bastards. they did all this and killed all people for their own anti communist USSR and Better Cheaper Gas for their fat asses !!! they throw armenians and turks and greek into war so they can have their NATO! and they didn't care if all americans would die ! its a shame to all humanity that how these bastards manipulate the system and turks and gullible Armenians ! Arabs and Armenians and Iran and Iraq are all brothers , thats why hope to Allah Iran and Greek and many other countries will take their Revenge from those asshole turks ! Do you think Nato and all that Shit was made to help Armenians? I think Middle east major problem is that we cant communicate ! hate keeps people behind! and don't help! Jesus and Mohamed and Moses Didn't preach for sin and murder , they say to be fare and believe in GOD and we all are GOD's children, but Look at us , we cant even have a coffee together and give each other Hug and Say , I AM SORRY FOR ALL THESE ! i wish we didn't have all these foreigners Raping our countries and stealing our Oil and telling us how to live and who to kill, for their own benefit ! I am a human Who believe in GOD! I am sorry if this Comment offend any one But, after all this yrs Armenians in IRAN atleast have their Language Culture and peace , but as soon as they are in America What happens ? they all melt in Amarican & English Pot ! Going Going Gone ! thats worse than genocide! Isn't it ??? In Iran they had school In America They wont even speak their own language !!?? Thats what these fucking westerns wanted ! To Fuck up our countries and tell us" OHH There are tons of work in america !! " And we go to america ( p.s. We are the Dumbest Slaves That we even Pay for our Plane Ticket !! ) cmon !!!! You seen it ! What happens in Iraq !??! Its a shame to all humans !
Be Good ! Respect each other! Dont Disagree If You don't understand ! agree , or stay mutual, talk to friends, find and make friends Even if it s your Enemy !


thats the true rahman2008-01-28 16:53:48
all christians are the same...from east to west.

from south to north,
armenien..are christians..too

so they play games..

me2010-11-04 16:43:27
turks r evil sometimes...

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