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Swedish report
by Euro Reporter
2012-07-30 09:46:44
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The church of file sharing

People almost everywhere are file sharing these days, using computers to download music, films, books or other materials, often ignoring copyrights. In Sweden, however, it is a religion. Really.

Even as this Scandinavian country, like other nations across Europe, bows to pressure from big media concerns to stop file sharing, a Swedish government agency this year registered as a bona fide religion a church whose central dogma is that file sharing is sacred.


Sweden's anti-immigrant sniper guilty of two murders

A Swedish man who fired sniper shots at foreign-looking people was found guilty of two counts of murder on Tuesday, highlighting racial tensions in the Nordic region traumatised by Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik.

Peter Mangs was arrested in 2010 after a 12-month shooting spree in the southern Swedish city of Malmo.

The court found the 40-year-old Mangs guilty of the 2009 murder of a Swedish-born woman who was sitting next to an immigrant friend in a car when Mangs fired multiple shots. He was also convicted of murdering an Iranian-born man by shooting him in the chest in his apartment in 2003.


Sweden resilient to Euro-zone woes

Sweden’s economy is fighting off the worst effects of the slowdown in the Euro-zone, data showed on Thursday, easing worries ahead of second-quarter growth figures due next week.

Strong public finances, a resilient export sector and reasonably healthy labour market have protected Sweden from the full effects of Europe’s problems, although growth has slowed sharply.

Data on Thursday — including consumer confidence, unemployment and trade — was mixed, but gave little reason to expect a marked worsening in the Nordic economy. “There are no signs of any greater slowdown in these statistics,” said Martin Enlund, economist at Handelsbanken.


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