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Unripe cherries
by Amin George Forji
2006-10-17 10:49:19
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BBC Radio 1, in conjunction with Durex, BBC 1 Xtra and MTV, has just released the results of the BareAll06 online survey. The BareAll06 campaign was launched on Monday, 22nd May, to run throughout the summer. It was a survey aimed at finding out the sexual habits of British youths. The campaign gained momentum from the very first day of the launch, eventually leading to 29,623 youths taking part in the survey, producing results that look quite amazing.

The results of the survey show that a third of youths tend to have sex before the legal age of consent, which is 18 in the UK. The statistics of the results were thus: 33% of girls and 26% of boys, who took part in the survey, admitted to having sex by the age of 16. More than half of all respondents (57%) answered that they have had at least one one-night stand. Moreover, 43% claimed to have had more than five partners, while 16% answered that they normally don’t use a condom with a new partner. 37% responded that they have had at least an alcoholic drink before having sex with a new partner.

Only 4% answered that they had sex before the age of 14. Only a corresponding 4% admitted to not losing their virginity before the age of 25. One shocking thing to note is that 18% admitted to having over 10 partners. The rate of homosexuals was just 3% for men and 2% for ladies. The question of their greatest worry during sex, 24% said they fear HIV, 22% other STIs, 41% said pregnancy, and 1% general infections.

At the launch of the campaign, Sam Steele of BBC Radio 1 expressed optimism saying, "Young people aren't engaging in safer sex messages and, as a nation, we find it difficult to talk openly and frankly about sex and sexual health. BareAll06 is all about finding out why this is and making steps towards solving this problem. I'm looking forward to finding out the results!"

Commenting on the results, Dr Mark Hamilton told BBC news that he wholly believes the results and see them as an accurate reflection of what actually is happening. However, he lamented that the whole of British society has a duty to play in improving the sexual standards of young people.

Norman Warner, the British Minister of Health, told BBC News, "We want to make sure we're listening to what young people have to say, and today's survey will help us give them the type of information they need when it comes to sex….To tackle the number of STIs, we have to get young people to use condoms. This is why our new sexual health campaign will be aimed at making condom use routine among young people." He then said, "On the issue of alcohol, our forthcoming sensible drinking campaign will serve to warn young people about the risks of excessive drinking, including to their sexual health."

The BBC quoted the spokeswoman for the sexual health charity, Brook, as saying, "We cannot tell people how many sexual partners they should have, but we do know that the more sexual partners a person has the greater the risk from STIs and unintended pregnancy. Teenagers who have talked about sex and relationships are more likely to delay the age when they first have sex and are more likely to use contraception and be responsible in their relationships."

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Asa2006-10-17 00:39:44
Is the legal age of consent in Spain really 13?


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