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How bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-07-08 10:59:12
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Santiago de Compostela Codex Calixtinus found in garage

bizaaa01_400Police in northern Spain have recovered one of the country's great cultural treasures - a 12th-Century religious manuscript stolen a year ago. The Codex Calixtinus was found in a garage near Santiago de Compostela and four people were arrested over the theft from the city's cathedral. The richly decorated book is considered the first guide for those following the ancient pilgrimage route to Santiago.

Police arrested a technician who worked at the cathedral and three relatives. Christians believe the Santiago de Compostela cathedral to be the burial place of St James the Greater, one of Jesus's apostles.  The manuscript was found after the technician and three members of his family were arrested on Wednesday. Besides the Codex, police also found other valuable old books stolen from the cathedral and at least 1.2m Euros (£963,000) in cash.

A replica of the Codex is on display in a glass case at the cathedral.  Only a handful of people had access to the room in which the original was kept. It is thought to date from around 1150.


Singing passenger creates flight delay at JFK

A woman onboard a plane still on the ground at John F. Kennedy International Airport was met by police and removed when she wouldn't stop singing loudly. Crew members on Caribbean Airlines Flight BW501, scheduled to fly to Trinidad, asked the passenger to lower her voice. After repeated requests, the woman "became belligerent," said airline spokesperson Clint Williams. The flight was delayed because of the disturbance. The singing passenger was rebooked on a later flight, Williams said. No charges have been filed at this time.


Mystery hole in Gardner house leads to cannon law inquiry

A man who had been away from his Cleveland Street house Tuesday was surprised when he returned July 4 to find a hole clear through the wall, police said.  He was no doubt even more shocked when he learned what caused it. The homeowner, whom police declined to identify, found a hole the size of a half-dollar on the outside of a side wall, about 4 feet from the ground under a window, according to Sgt. Richard Braks. But inside there was a piece of plaster from the inside wall the size of a tennis ball. And a piece of shrapnel was discovered behind a television in the living room, Sgt. Braks said. Sgt Braks said Patrolman Roger Cormier was sent to the house at 31 Cleveland St. after police received a call at 8:38 a.m. Wednesday. Patrolman Cormier went next door to 29 Cleveland St. and spoke with Timothy Lizotte, who told the officer he had lighted ceremonial cannon the night before.

When he did, the barrel exploded. Mr. Lizotte said he was not injured.  “He took responsibility for lighting off the cannon,” Sgt. Braks said. “I don’t believe he realized the house (next door) was damaged.” Upon further investigation, Patrolman Cormier found exterior damage to the house on the other size of 29 Cleveland St, which is at 19 Olney St. He did not find damage to other houses nearby. Patrolman Cormier informed the owner of 19 Olney St. when he returned home later. Both damaged homes are within 100 feet of Mr. Lizotte’s house. Police seized the cannon involved, which the sergeant said appears to be homemade. It stands 1 foot off the ground, and is 3 feet long. Sgt. Braks estimated the barrel at 16 or 18 inches long — before it was damaged by gunpowder.

“This is more of a celebratory cannon designed to make noise, not designed to discharge a shot,” Sgt. Braks said. The incident is under investigation. Had the discharge been from a .22-caliber pistol instead of cannon, the shooter could be charged with discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling. But a cannon is not a firearm and apparently no firearms identification card is necessary to use one, Sgt. Braks said. “Charges will be forthcoming,” he said, although it’s hard to say what they will be.


Man exposes self because 'it's hot'

bizaaa05A Cobb County man blamed the late-afternoon heat for needing to expose himself in public. Marvin Dwayne Bolick, 51, was spotted with his pants pulled down Sunday afternoon at the McDonald's restaurant and bus stop at the intersection of U.S. 41 and Bells Ferry Road near Marietta, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the AJC.

"When I asked the accused why did he have his pants down exposing himself to the public, he advised that it was hot," the warrant states. It was hot outside, but likely much cooler in jail, where Bolick was taken following his arrest. Bolick was charged with public indecency, a misdemeanour, and booked into the Cobb County jail shortly before 4 p.m., jail records show.


Two To One – Dogs Would Rather Chew On Mitt Romney

bizaaa06_400If your dog growls when “mean Mitt Romney” comes on the TV or if she swoons when President Obama croons Al Green, a former Wall Street exec has the perfect pooch toy. Annika Sandback left a lucrative career on Wall Street to pursue what she calls her passion, dogs. Her first project has a decidedly un-Wall Street business model, it’s a non-profit. Sandback is making a collection of election year dog toys and donating the profits to the North Shore Animal League.

The chew toys, including Bow-Wow Barack, Mitt for Mutts, Ruff Rick (Santorum) and Old Dog Newt (Gingrich) Tricks, are made of all organic, non-toxic and dog-tough material. Of the $24 cost, $11 goes to materials and the remaining $13 to charity. Sandback prefers to keep her preferences secret but her dog Ella loves her Bow-Wow Barack. She never chews him though. She just carries him like a baby.

Sandback’s customers prefer Mitt for Mutts by a two to one margin, but from her feedback, they are buying Mitt as chew toys and Bow-Wow Barack to keep. After the story of Seamus the dog and how the Romneys took a road trip to Canada with Seamus strapped to the top of the car, it’s no wonder that dog owners aren’t enamoured with the Presidential candidate. Sandback isn’t sure what she’ll do after the election, but you can be sure that she’s not going back to the land of the 1%. ”I’d rather make dogs happy than Wall Street happy,” she said.

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Leah Sellers2012-07-10 05:35:34
Wonders will never cease - ha !

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