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Jutta Urpilainen Vis Kim Kardashian
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-07-07 08:23:50
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In politics there is a principal; when you load a gun - don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean a real gun, it is politics semantics - you must have a b plan, an escape route and definitely the wish to use it. If you don’t have any of those ready then and most often the gun backfires. Plenty of examples with most recent the example of the former Greek Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou and his loaded gun with the referendum threat. And there is another principal, more connected to governing politics; the financial or the defence minister should never practice foreign policy. The explanation I suppose is obvious.

And Finland has a minister, the Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen to be precise, who ignores constantly both principals making a whole government sweat trying to recollect her gaffs. Her latest one was during an interview where she said that Finland would rather leave the euro-zone than pay down the debt of other countries in the currency bloc. But Jutta Urpilainen is a very unique case. She’s something like the Kim Kardashian of Finnish politics, chain provoking the Finnish media unfortunately with characteristics that cannot compared with the rich physical characteristics of Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian, from what I’m forced to know from the overwhelming media, is a person with absolutely no talents and very average intellect that became famous because she was the right person the right moment for the hungry for trash drama media and reality shows with the advantage of a natural (at least yet) physic that has a strong sexual aura. Apart from that there is absolutely nothing about Miss Kardashian and when her ten minutes of fame are over she will most likely disappear just like so many others like her and she will bother only her local policemen with her contemporary addictions. Personally, I hope she was an exception and enough clever to withdraw from the game before the end and live happily ever after, enjoying the financial outcome of her over- exposure. But the real world is not made from wishful thoughts.

What Kim Kardashian really over-exposures is not her rich natural characteristics but an ego. Ignoring her limits and her surroundings she wants to be on the spotlight under any circumstances and with no limit sacrifices – that mainly have to do with her dignity - intruding and imposing in places only people who have real talents and something to offer stand.

Jutta Urpilainen now is the chairwoman of the Finnish Social-democratic party. She was elected to the chair after the end of the Paavo Lipponen era with the neutral and invisible Eero Heinäluoma in between. Paavo Lipponen was a megalith for Finnish politics, a man that put a strong mark into Finnish and Scandinavian contemporary history and a man who often turned socialist policies in Scandinavia into Lipponen policies. In 2005 his exit from the chair left the party numb and trying to find a new identity. Seven years after and the Finnish Social-democratic party still tries to find this identity with the old guard still mingling with the new generation. And Jutta Urpilainen was perfect for that period; neutral and away from internal tenses, enough ambitious to lead the party but without the personality of a Lipponen to be able to manipulate outcomes. She managed to keep the party on the top through elections and after Lipponen’s defeat in 2003 she even managed to regain some power that could also be the outcome of the Centre Party’s downfall. Her position in the finance ministry was due to the coalition government led by the Conservative Party, which wanted the second party presented with a strong ministry. And the financial ministry was strong enough for the ego of the graduate teacher. Her working background before elected member of the Finnish parliament in 2003 is school teacher which I suppose constitutes a great experience to somebody who only nine years after imposes as an expert in European economics.

Kim Kardashian in her vice to be part of the big league - despite her obvious limits - leads her often to be photographed with talented people like Beyoncé Knowles and others while Jutta Urpilainen fills her photo-albums with photos with Hillary Clinton or IMF chief Christine Lagard. One difference between them is that at least Kim knows that she will never be Beyoncé while Jutta wants to be Lagard in the place of Lagard. You just need to check the photos publicized in the media to understand what I mean. The way she looks at them or how she behaves around them.

But the huge difference is that whatever Kim might do or say, the worst case scenario is that she will make headlines in tabloids or gossip blogs; when Jutta says things like the last one about the euro-zone she makes headlines in the Financial Times, Reuters, Wall Street Journal and New York Times. And perhaps the reaction of most – including Lagard’s - will be a smile but there are always the few who love things like that, things they can exploit, invest, profit and manipulate. And as the latest euro-crisis has proved, there are these people and they are not just few and the damage they can do is unpredictable. In this case Kim Kardashian wins because it is better to have nice ass than…

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Eva2012-07-07 11:12:20
Today's cover picture made me laugh out loud, hahahahaha!!!!

Oh Jutta Jutta Jutta... Little Jutta, so proud to be playing with the "big boys"....

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