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Issue #23 - "Europe from its foundations to the 21st century"
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-07-02 11:21:32
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ovi23_01 An evening last month going through the Ovi magazine online articles I noticed that for the last two years one way or another most of us have written something about the European Union and the resent economic crisis. I also noticed that most of us troubled with the contemporary situation we forgot what Europe is about and what was the dream behind the European Union. Just like everybody else nowadays we see the things that separate us and we miss the things that unite us and that has turned into something ugly.

Barriers have risen between north and south and old prejudice have surfaced. But this is not the Europe we were dreaming, this is not the message and the example we were trying to built and pass. And definitely this is not the Europe we want. And here start the misunderstandings, because this is not the Europe of Merkel, Sarkozy, Cameron and Hollande; this is definitely not the Europe of Machiavellians. This is the Europe of Plato, the Europe of Pericles, the Europe of Robert Schuman and Alcide De Gasperi. Is the Europe of art, of philosophy, of literature; this is the Europe that founded democracy and the settler for all victims of prejudice all during history. The foundations of all above are lost in centuries of history and we earned them with sacrifices and blood. And this is what we are called to honour today.

And the members of the Ovi family honour this call in this thematic issue hoping that we will be listened if not from Merkel, Cameron and Hollande but from the people who want and feel that a united Europe is not a case of currency but a cultural obligation.

Youcan download the thematic issue "Europe from its foundations to the 21st century" HERE!

I hope you will find worth our effects

Thanos Kalamidas

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Alan2012-07-02 14:37:09
Great work

Emanuel Paparella2012-07-02 19:56:15
At the risk of sounding one’s own trumpet, this is a thematic project long overdue for whose realization it is proper and fitting to applaud the Ovi editors Thanos Kalamidas and Asa Butcher, as well as the various contributors within Europe and beyond Europe who are acutely aware that the EU is now at the crossroads and that it will affect transatlantic and global relationships.

What is now to be hoped for is that a robust debate will follow in the pages of Ovi magazine. By that I mean a debate that is frank, objective, open-minded, non-biased, in the best philosophical tradition of Europe.

It seems to me that such a debate is the least that we intellectuals can contribute to a polity which remains the beacon light of millions of people around the world, despite the inadequacies of its political and financial leaders. It is to be hoped, in fact, that what Silone called “the conspiracy of hope” will originate and take root in the pages of Ovi magazine. It is a conspiracy that cannot but prevail over the cynicism and nihilism of the anti-multucultarists and the nationalists who tend to confuse patriotism for xenophobia and elitism.

Alan2012-07-02 21:45:30
Congrts on your book professor its great

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