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Politkovskaya's dead Russia
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-10-10 10:22:02
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What's really is going in Russia over the last few years is a big mystery. Not that anybody knew what was going on before, but at least we had an idea. It seems that glasnost, Gorbachev's transparency, has somehow been drowned from too much alcohol during Yeltsin's era to total secrecy during Vladimir Putin's dark empire.

Putin seemed to start well; he had the blessings and the expectations of the whole western world - after all, Russia is part of this world. Russia had gone through all the difficult times of accepting a past that had financially destroyed the country; divided by increasing organized crime and corruption. Somehow the Russians had lost their national pride when Putin became president and that was disastrous for a country with such a long history.

Along with the western world's hopes, Putin was also carrying the hopes of his own people. Did he succeed or fail? This is where the mystery starts. Nobody can really tell and you can sense that from the reserved attitude of the western world. Putin participates in every single western international meeting from the G8 to meetings with the EU.

Numbers coming from Russia show an economy that steadily, yet very slowly, recovers and in issues, like energy, Russia seems to want to play a leading role. And then came the prices incident with Georgia that spoiled everything. Wile the west felt that they had found Putin's face as the partner they could talk to, Putin remembered long forgotten methods and blackmailed Georgia over the gas prices.

Russia talks about democracy, but it seems that all the major enemies of Putin have disappeared. Furthermore, even his successors from his own party have seemed to have oddly disappeared leaving Putin to make constitutional changes so he can claim the presidency one more time.

The media, however, seems to have been his biggest foe for a long time now. They are the only ones who didn't really trust the former KGB agent and they have been suspicious about his motives all the time, and Putin took care of them. The good old way. Newspapers closed and reporters often faced unreasonable charges in court. That was until last Friday.

Last Friday one of the prominent enemies in the journalist cycles in Russia, Anna Politkovskaya, was found murdered in a lift at her apartment block in Moscow. The forty-two-year old journalist was a vocal critic over the Kremlin's actions in Chechnya and she was often targeted by the Kremlin's praetorians. Suspicions from Novaya Gazeta, the newspaper for which she was working, suggested that she was preparing a reportage about Chechnya.

Anna Politkovskaya wrote about human rights abuses in Chechnya for a long time and lately she has often attacked the pro-Moscow militia there; the article her editor claims she was currently working on was about torturing from that same militia. In the past there were suspicions on attempts against her life, but nothing was really proven or wanted to be proven, which makes it worse.

The prosecutors have already started their investigations among different circles, but it seems that every body doubts if any result will come out and everybody's eyes have turned towards the Kremlin. Putin hasn't said anything yet, but it looks like he's going to fall in the trap he prepared for his enemies. In so much secrecy and lies, why would he say the truth if he will try to avoid responsibility for the reporter's death?

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lilypie2006-10-10 00:40:48
I feel so sad for her two kids.

Ergotelina2006-10-10 13:55:00

President Vladimir Putin told his U.S. counterpart George W. Bush... on the phone Monday that Russia's law enforcement agencies were doing everything possible to investigate the murder of Politkovskaya. Putin's statement was his first public comment on the murder of Politkovskaya.[28] Journalists and activists said Putin's comments came too late and questioned his decision to break two days of silence only during a phone conversation. "Putin was elected by the population of Russia and not by President Bush," said Oleg Panfilov, the head of the Center for Extreme Journalism, a press rights watchdog.[29]

Chechen President Alu Alkhanov in his interview to Itar-Tass expressed his outrage over the murder of Politkovskaya. He stated that the murderers should get the most severe punishment. He aninformed that while his view on the developments in Chechnya are different from Politkovskaya's he nevertheless admires her devotion to the future of Chechen people. Alkhanov also expresses his sympathy to the family and friends of Anna Politkovskaya.

wiki Anna Politkovskaya

Alan2006-10-10 22:21:29
Chechen President Alu Alkhanov felt sorry? What was the film? The Godfather? He was sorry too.

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