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World Music Day World Music Day
by The Ovi Team
2022-06-21 06:30:41
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musicday02The World Music Days are more than just a festival. They also are a meeting place, a window to the world and a unique opportunity to put our new music sector in the international spotlights. A world exhibition of new music, as it was.

The World Music Days are the annual meeting of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) and are organised each time by another section. After Hong Kong, Lithuania, Sweden, Australia and Croatia, ISCM-Flanders receives the opportunity to organise this mega-event in 2012.

The World Music Days aim to be a meeting moment for organisations, performers and composers from the whole world, with an additional focus on the music and the ensembles from the host country. To this end concerts, meetings, colloquia, are being organised.

The General Assembly of the ISCM (with about a hundred representatives of the national ISCM-sections) also takes place during the World Music Days.

The World Music Days are not an enlargement of an existing festival. 'Diversity' and 'global showcase' are the keywords. About half of the works performed consists of entries of the national ISCM-sections (selected by a jury): a world exhibition of new music, from Argentina to Sweden. The other half of the program consists mainly of works by Flemish composers. In order to guarantee the largest possible diversity, we don’t work with one curator, but all partners can place their own accents.

This will become, without any doubt, a unique opportunity to show our repertoire, our ensembles and concert halls, our documentation centres and educative institutions to the world. A well developed trajectory from now on to 2012 must ensure that the impact of this particular event keeps on resonating many years afterwards also.

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Leah Sellers2012-06-22 04:18:22
Ahhh, Music - the Universal Language of the Mind, heart and Soul !
What a wonderful Event Series, and what Opprotunites for New Artists !

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