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My first Chinese orgasm
by F. A. Hutchison
2006-10-10 10:22:07
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I heard my first Chinese orgasm the other night (or morning)! I think it was something like 0430 B.T. (Beijing Time), although the Chinese are late uppers!

It was the female partner, as men only snore in China! How do I know? I'm a light (cat-like) sleeper, and the walls are thin in Chinese hotels. She shrieked several times, and I thought strange (almost like being raped). Then again, what do I know about such, as everyone's orgasm is different sounding!

Since being in China, I'd been wondering about sex between Chinese couples. The women are demure (generally) and the men smoke cigarettes. But, one thing for sure, the noodles 'do it,' as the Chinese are very prolific! I mean, this is a nation with 1.3 billion people, and increasing!

Children, doted upon, are everywhere! And they're cute, unspoiled, generally speaking, and I try to engage them all (which the parents enjoy). In return, the children are fascinated with me! Not because I'm special, but because I have a grey beard and look different (to them). They stare at me, and I stare back.

It's not like America, where an older male has to be careful engaging a child in public. Here in China there's none of the paranoia about paedophiles, or is it spelled pedafile? You can take an infant from parents and play with it on your lap. Thus, children here, grow up more attuned to others and the sociability aspects of culture. They run and play on the street with simple toys, a healthier upbringing than in the U.S. (or like the U.S. was when I grew up in the 1940s).

One wonders why so much pathology in U.S. culture? I don't, as I understand! 'Post modernism', U.S. style, is destructively killing the culture slowly. Of course, people blame guns, but it's not the guns but the crippled minds overdosing from materialism!

Most of it we can blame on ourselves as, 'We have met the enemy and he is us!' 'Hollywood,' only interested in money (their 'God') reflects our dementia, by making motion pictures selling 'violence as the solution'. So, guess what? Some child walks into a school kills other children and then himself, as the only 'solution'.

Wake up, America!

Actually, I don't know the solution (except everyone perfecting themselves). I think America (the style of capitalism) has to 'overdose', before it will change (possible be healed). This may take hundreds of years... It may never happen...

China is going down the same 'road!' Now, the 'nuevo riche' want the big, black SUV and to drive 200kph (the illusion of power and freedom). Everyone has and watches TV. They wear blue jeans. Everyone has a mobile! There's almost a 'frenzy' here to get money, to get rich! Mao would be very disappointed!

My chant, as 'Tom' and I joke: 'Hurry, hurry, hurry! Worry, worry, worry! Money, money, money! No time! No time! No time! Rushing, rushing, rushing! Going nowhere fast!'

What to do? Live the best life possible! Develop consciousness! Sacrifice yourself for others!


'Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety!'


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Asa2006-10-10 00:42:06
I can bearly remember my own first orgasm...perhaps the video tape is in the store...look out for it on YouLube.cum!

Mark, An Americun2006-10-10 19:00:26
Hmm... Starting an anti-pedofile piece with the description of a strangers' Chinese shrieking orgasm from an adjacent hotel room.

I have to give a few points for originality.

Sand2006-10-10 19:16:32
It's a mistake to generalize about the people in any country. There are so many varieties in a country like the USA where everybody except the Indians cme from somewhere else. Nevertheless there are envelopes of some population groups which arise from ultural sources. The underlying paranoia of some sectors arises out of a basic community distrust of each other rather than pure personal self interest. The current distrust has roots in the misbehavior of politicians and business leaders whose motivations are frequently antisocial. Some of it comes from the fiction of the self made man, the John Wayne symptom that solves all problems with the gun.

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