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This is when Finland goes Bilderberg
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-06-02 09:32:32
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It’s a long time ago when I found my self meeting a group of people thanks to a friend of mine. After a “boy’s night out” one of them – obviously the leader – told me that I was welcome to the brotherhood despite my …handicap, being a foreigner. But obviously I was fulfilling their model and definitely their needs. The conversation was very serious despite the fact that it was accompanied with alcohol and there I learned first my obligations to the brotherhood.

The group was covering a variety of professions and professionals, most of them established in their little world; so I had to buy my car from the place one of them was working, move my accounts to the bank the other one worked, do with the other one any change I wanted to my house and invest my money according the advises of another one of the group. In exchange if any of them needed the services of my profession they had to come to me. And of course he asked me to promise secrecy.

My first reaction might sound a bit childish but the truth is that I don’t like cars, I like motorbikes; the bank the brotherhood’s member worked for had really bad service and I was happy with the one I deal with; I don’t like these apartments the other one called houses and I didn’t like his style and finally I don’t trust the stock market and I never play poker. Then there was another principal I followed all my life, it is something Groucho Marx has said: I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members. Of course I told them exactly the same things and of course this was the last time I saw them. My friend, the one who introduce them to me actually the same evening saw through my eyes how sad the situation is and he never saw them again either.

Bilderberg club is one of those brotherhoods in a much bigger dimension. The difference is that my friend’s brotherhood can only corrupt and make minor damage most likely to themselves while the Bilderberg club plays with nations through ministers, prime ministers and officials in many levels of the state and private life and it can seriously damage the lives of millions. Clubs like Bilderberg is the essence of corruption, the corruption that greed for power brings and the short of corruption money rules. There are thousands of conspiracy theories about this close club. You just need to search internet to find thousands of entries. Most of them exaggerating the truth.

But Bilderberg is a close club with members, influential governmental or from the private sector personas from variety elements of the society including industrialists, bankers, journalists and investors. They meet – and according to them – talk and decide for contemporary issues. Therefore a club that supports discrimination, favourism, elitism and nepotism all in secrecy. A club that has nothing to do with democracy since one of the main characteristics of democracy is transparency.  A fascist and therefore a dangerous club since they “support” help each other inside their close club despite the real needs of the people and the states. And the members they like it or not when they are members of the state they have to answer for that anti-democratic membership to their voters. And Jutta Urpilainen must give a lot of answers to the people of the country that champions and proud its democratic transparency.

But apart of the questions her participation raises regarding her democratic believes there are more questions coming since a year ago the Finnish Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen said that ministers who participate in the closed-door meetings of the Bilderberg Conference do so as private individuals and that ministries would not pay their way. And bingo, this year, Urpilainen herself is attending the high level conclave – and taxpayers are picking up the tab; as the national news agency points.

But the taxpayers pick up just too much from their finance minister lately her arrogance and often ignorance including, adding elitism and participation in a close club with fascist characteristics is not the best move! But hey, this is Finland and everybody likes to belong to a club, it identifies them and now Jutta will be well identified! By the way with this move the only explanation for her criticism last year can be pure …jealousy!

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Emanuel Paparella2012-06-02 15:04:49
Interesting phenomenon, but not so unique. It can be found in many countries, even democratic and "enlightened" ones. Here in America, for example, we still have a secret club dubbed the KKK. Their members are all racists and xenophobes; they wear woods when they meet officially to protect their privacy and identity, since the club is after all a private club and in America everybody is entitled to belong to the club of one’s choice and to express one’s opinion in public or in private, even when that opinion flies in the face of the empirical scientific facts… That way they continue to remain part of the “respectable” society which usually shuns extremes and prefers peace at any cost to ensure a more tranquil or even epicurean life…Consider for example the position of Donald Trump and his cohorts of ignoramuses on president’s Obama’s place of birth; they will continue to insist that he was born in Kenya no matter how many documents are placed before them. The “club” will insist on it at the risk of being ejected from it.

The result of this lack of transparency buttressed by secrecy, as you well state it, Thanos, is inevitable: corruption of the worst kind. Perhaps Socrates said it best at his trial as described in Plato’s Apology: gentlemen, the issue is not whether I live or die, since we will all die eventually, the issue is whether corruption, which runs faster than death, catches up with you and once she has caught up she many not easily let go of you. Plenty of food for thought there.

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