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Mugabe, the cannibal genocide responsible representing UN
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-06-03 10:58:55
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Just imagine the United Nations in a special celebration announcing that Joseph Stalin was going to be appointed as representative of the organization to promote tourism! You think I’m joking? Well the only part I’m joking is the part with Stalin’s name. You keep the rest and replace the name with the one of the caricature Africa’s Hitler, Robert Mugabe.

Robert Mugabe is not just a dictator; the man is responsible for a cannibalistic genocide. The number of his compatriots dead by his own hands or by his orders is unknown and it will be long time until there will be any sense on how many he has killed. Mugabe’s compatriots who have mysteriously disappeared, vanished in the dark he has created is unknown as unknown is the future of his alive compatriots. He has led the country from freedom from the colonists to an inhuman destiny beyond anything anybody could ever imagine and his ruling makes Idi Amin’s ruling in Uganda looking like a daytrip. There are no resources of Zimbabwe that haven’t end up to his personal safe and while he lives between palaces and luxurious halls his compatriots are trying to find food dying from starvation.

Zimbabwe is a country literally destroyed from inside. There is absolutely no economy with Mugabe’s safe to be the state’s safe and everything used to serve his needs and wishes. A defendless in every single sense country from looting neighbours and warlords Mugabe himself has created. The army of terror he has created is equally responsible for crimes against humanity and human dignity with murders, tortures and humiliations in daily program. Even the “democratization” of the country with Morgan Tsvangirai is obviously fake with strong suspicions that Tsvangirai is under pressure and most likely somehow in the hands of Mugabe, his wife’s death remains a mystery that feeds theories.

Life in Zimbabwe is definitely worst than it was under the catastrophic and racist rule of the white Rhodesian Front with conditions remain catastrophic for the majority of the population despite all effects from the UN and other organizations. The same time Robert Mugabe enjoys a lavish lifestyle in palaces and huge luxurious resorts. There are very few countries globally that recognize Mugabe as a leader anymore and it is forbidden for him to travel to most of the countries including th3 whole EU.

And this is the man the United Nations decided to appoint as a leader a supporter of international tourism!

However and because there is always a funny side, Canada quitted UN tourism body over Mugabe appointment with the Canadian foreign minister saying that United Nations' reported praise for Robert Mugabe's contribution to tourism was 'last straw’ in a series of similar ‘mistakes.’ But the fun was in the answer Mugabe’s lackeys gave. Zimbabwe’s tourism minister, Walter Mzembi, was quoted as brushing off Canada's snub as an inconsequential move by a "small player in the global tourism industry". "It is not a player in the sector. It wants to leverage on the Mugabe brand. They want to take advantage of the Mugabe brand to be on the global map," Mzembi was quoted as saying on NewZimbabwe.com. "If they want to withdraw, let's go ahead."

For the above I have no comment, just wishes that the UN will stop doing fatal mistakes like this with Africa’s caricature Hitler Robert Mugabe, that damage its credibility.

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Get it off your chest
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Robert2017-11-20 12:25:54
Stop lying I will remember this

Robert2017-11-20 12:27:32
Take this down or face consequences

Robert2017-11-20 12:29:19
You are no longer welcome in the Democratic People's Republic of Zimbabwe, I am not a cannibal and am outraged by these claims

Robert2017-11-20 12:33:26
'Africa’s caricature Hitler Robert Mugabe' this is unacceptable

Robert2017-11-20 12:36:59
Dear OVIMagazine,
I apologise for my earlier remarks; I was overcome with emotions at the accusation of cannibalistic tendencies. I maintain the falsehood of these claims, but digress that it is ultimately your choice what to publish on your website. However, I would also like to assert that although I am 93 and under house-arrest, I am still the ruler of Zimbabwe and deserve respect.
Yours faithfully,

Robert2017-12-07 15:08:58
Dear OVIMagazine,
As I'm sure you are aware, I've been going through some personal issues recently. Since my last post, I have been deposed as President of Zimbabwe and find myself newly out of work, which leads me to my question for you: are there any positions available at OVIMagazine? I would prefer a position as President as I have over 20 years of experience in that field, although I am ultimately willing to accept anything you have to offer. I believe that with time, our past differences will fade and give way to what I hope will be a long and beautiful friend/partnership.
Yours faithfully,

Robert2018-01-16 12:24:14
Dear OVIMagazine,
My patience has worn thin, and your failure to respond to my application for the position of President at OVIMagazine has left me with no choice but to persue drastic measures.
Buckle up bitch

Robert’s wife2020-07-19 01:05:36
Dear OVIMagazine,
I know it has been a while since my late husband posted these comments about your company but out of respect I would kindly ask you to take down the article, as you can see from his replies it clearly caused him some stress which I believe ultimately added to his untimely demise
Love from Mrs Mugabe

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