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Malaria on the back foot?
by Amin George Forji
2006-10-06 09:57:15
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Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have announced the production of a new vaccine, which they claim can combat the most severe form of malaria that, until now, has been very difficult to treat, hence claiming the lives of at least two million people annually.

The research group that was led by Professor Mats Wahlgren announced that they have tested their new substance on rats and primates infected with severe cases of malaria, with successful results, and, further, that their research revealed that the results can be replicated and transposed into humans.

ovi_malaria02_400 "There's often a lack of ability to treat people suffering from severe malaria…We've developed a substance that might be able to help these patients," Professor Wahlgren declared. The revelation was first made late on Friday on the science website of AlphaGalileo.

Severe malaria occurs when conglomerated blood cells are lodged in the blood vessels, acting like glue, and thus creating difficult bonds. Until now, scientists have found it hard to break these bonds, in order to enable infected blood cells be transported through the blood stream into the spleen, where it can be destroyed.

The bacteria responsible for the disease, P.falciparium, normally infect the red blood cells, with the resultant effect that the flow of blood into the capillaries is blocked because the red blood cells accumulate in large amounts. As a result, the flow of blood into the brain and other organs are easily blocked.

ovi_malaria03Common symptoms and manifestations of severe malaria include respiratory problems, impaired consciousness, extreme weakness, jaundice, cerebral malaria, anaemia, secondary bacteria infections and encephalopathy - pregnant women and children are at especially high risk.

While announcing the new vaccine, Professor Mats Wahlgren announced that the new substance will act in preventing infected blood cells from being bound. Until now, the only effective drug for the disease used to be heparin, but the drug was withdrawn when it was noticed that the substance often caused internal bleeding, hence complicating the matters. The newly developed substance is different in that it is said to have no effect on the normal coagulation of blood.

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Sand2006-10-05 10:22:29
It has recently been discovered that mosquitoes have a sweet tooth (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/5370110.stm)
so it might be possible to get rid of them using the proper sweet bait. The resurgence of the use of DDT id ways not damaging to the general environment also gives room for hope.

Asa2006-10-05 14:40:30
One of the scariest observations about mosquitoes is their ability to neutralise the HIV virus and avoid spreading a plague - let's pray nothing ever changes and the disease becomes airborne.

Sand2006-10-05 19:43:03
It's nice to know that unprotected sex with a mosquito is safe. That's one problem solved. :-)

Robert2006-10-05 20:10:08
Ha ha ha ha

Amin2006-10-05 20:36:16
ha ha ha ha

Asa2006-10-05 20:51:49
What are the other problems!!!

Sand2006-10-05 21:11:08
By that comment can I assume you are interested? I thought they were obvious but perhaps there are simple solutions. Love will find a way.

alan2007-11-02 22:09:21
it is sad what malaria can do to you

mick2008-08-11 04:58:45
Malaria is a parasite not a bacteria like this article states. If it was a bacteria it would have had easier eradication programs. The fact that it is transmitted via mosquito and goes through 6 life cycles is why it has been difficult to find a proper vaccination. Which life cycle to work with? You take care of the beginning stages...but in the process there are the other life cycles unaffected by the vaccination. Finding a 6 prong vaccination in the Holy Grail for malarial scientists. Let's hope that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and all the scientist and money recently poured in will motivate and find a true vaccination for this horrible plague of our world.

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