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Greek elections: reinvent political vision for the "Eurolanders", for the people, not for the Euro
by Newropeans-Magazine
2012-05-17 10:43:42
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Short comments about the Greek elections: reinvent political vision for the "Eurolanders", for the people, not for the Euro! Now it's time!

The Greeks first wanted to give a strong signal to the two established parties that they are tired of their incapacities, lies and shenanigans... What would have meant a vote that gives the two traditional parties the advantage? Nothing... People were months long in the streets, so what came out is not really a surprise, it is an achievement.

Secondly, the relatively low score of "anti-euro" parties is a sign that they do not want to leave the Euro, also the amazing score of the new left  party (which is not the communist party and which is not in favor of leaving the Euro) is another sign. By the way, the ND won 50 seats more only due to the Greek electoral law whereas they have only 2% more than Syriza, (read here:  http://www.newropeans-magazine.org/content/view/13181/84/lang,fr/). So once again the the political establishment kidnaped the democracy and the voice of the people.

Without beeing an expert of Greek policy their are clear signs about what this new swing could mean for the people and which opportunities, vision, future, reflections, for Eurocitizens. It's clear: we need now a social pact, a pact for the people, and democracy on Euroland level, or people will definitively vote next time for the extreme right if the political spectrum doesn't change. And this change can only be pushed by the Euroland level as a possible challenge for its Eurocitizens.

We still live the reminiscences (the last ruins) of an americanist European right wing, while trying to derail the project of an integrated Euroland, trying to save the crumbs of a pseudo-sovereignty, not the sovereignty of the people, but that of politicians, even pushing the far-right parties (the greatness of the sacrifice!). No one has ever thought that after the fall of the wall Europeans could actually choose the path of a return to the socialist/communist values (what a disgrace!) as other alternative.

Last, it is much easier to scare people by reducing the European, or national, political field to a bipolar world: Putin vs. Obama ... the soviet yoke vs. the American dream ... especially to avoid the third way to move forward with an independent and strong Euroland, which is of course not American interest.

We lack of voices in Europe that could simultaneously - reassure the Greeks on their choice, invite them now to become active and creative; - support the developments of Euroland in its fiscal and financial governance; - and open new issues of the social pact and an economic government; because this doesn't belong to a right/left vision national politicians cannot get rid of.

The role for a Euroland Democratisation Forum of citizens: reinvent political vision for the "Eurolanders", for the people, not for the Euro. The only way to prevent our countries to sink into the national-fascism. Now it's time!


Marianne Ranke-Cormier

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