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A bloody Golden sunDown where democracy rised
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-05-10 07:39:02
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While everybody was expecting France and Hollande to make headlines after last Sunday’s results it was the Greek elections that hacked the spotlights. And the headlines combined with statements from states’ representatives and experts made obvious that the EU was troubled and in shock because the Greek people reacted so big and so badly condemning the parties that supported the austerity measures and the economic policy to percentages they hadn’t seen even in their worst nightmares. I think that the fact that a neo-Nazi party with the Nazi salute, the Nazi black wear and attitude enters the Greek parliament was the real shock. A country that has suffered under the Nazis with thousands dead and was mentioned as heroes even from Churchill for their fight against the occupation army, the country that founded democracy to have a neo-Nazi group entering the parliament was the best demonstration on how far the situation has brought the Greek people.

Most of the people who voted for the Golden Dawn (the neo-Nazi) most likely didn’t know what was behind the anti-austerity and anti-immigration mask, most likely they were people that belonged by definition to the right and conservative spectrum but felt betrayed from the conservative parties. There is no other explanation on how a party that existed in limits just over 0% in two years manage to enter 21 parliamentarians into the Greek parliament. And I’m sure just days after the elections and watching the attitude – often criminal and definitely fascist - of those people they are already regretting their choice. But said that the fact is that last Sunday 441,000 people voted neo-Nazis. Greece is not turning neo-Nazi but the anger and the protest has become so uncontrollable that profited even a neo-Nazi group.

So however extreme it looks like a neo-Nazi group inside the Greek parliament they forced some to see that this protest was carrying a message. And the message had a variety of recipients inside and outside Greece, especially the leadership of the European Union. Internally the message was, enough; the people can take back what they gave you and you abused and they can go to extremes to make sure you get the message. For EU it was also, enough. The people have voice and power and when they practice their right they can scare you. And this minute the EU is scared from the result of the Greek elections because they are aware that they have failed the people and they know that this can turn into a fire from Spain to Portugal, to Ireland to Italy and Belgium that in the end can burn the Union. 

I’m not sure that the Greek politicians got the message especially the leadership of the former leading parties, the conservative (New Democracy) and the socialist (PASOK). Their leaders are still acting like they are holding all the power. The leader of the conservative party Antonis Samaras just like the story with the Emperor’s new cloths he’s parading naked dreaming of royal seats and prime ministerial crowns while the leader of the socialist party Evaggelos Venizelos just like the fiddler on the roof sings …if I was a richman!

The European leadership including the German chancellor Angela Merkel since Sunday evening tries hysterically to remind the Greek people their enforced obligations and they do so using indirect threats for money that will never go to the needed, pensioners and hospitals but it’s too late. The Greek people have decided that something has to change here and now and they are not ready to back. Mainly because what was to lose they lost it and now they are endangering their dignity and they are not ready to lose that, not a nation with thousands of years national identity. The European leadership and their stubborn persistence to economic solutions that don’t work and boycott any kind/possibility of growth is forced to deal with the possibility that bankrupt Greece will be the Euro nemesis!

Hollande in France was elected demanding from EU the return to basics where Europe was for the Europeans and not for the Euro, where solidarity had a meaning and not victim of semantics and partnership meant first of all your problem is my problem and not a cover for a power strangle. The Greek people with the electoral result created unreliability into a Union that depended its future on a currency instead of the people.

According to the latest news re-elections sometime in mid-June seems to be the most likely scenario in Greece this moment. For the second time the Greek people in very short time they will be able to show if they have really decide to do their stand here and now and I’m sure the result of this elections will not just change the Greek political world but it will shape new realities for the whole European Union. I’m also sure that hysterics that just started they are just the beginning of what we are going to see in the coming weeks with threats and dooms-day scenarios following one another in hourly base. The pressure over the Greek people will be tremendous but equally tremendous will be their responsibility. Not to fulfil their enforced obligations but perhaps become the alive wind of change Europe needs so much. As far the Golden Dawn I read something really good the other day, voting for them after knowing who they are is like giving Viagra to your rapist.

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