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Walking around…my 30s!
by Carlos Eyl
2006-10-12 10:06:53
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Who said thirty was a big number? Looking back at my last line of deeply rooted one-millimeter hairs on my scalp, I realize that it wasn't just yesterday that I was born. The thought has been haunting me for the past year as I have reached the ultimate last line of my young twenty-nine years of life.

It is only now that I understand the phrase 'seize the day' and why not, 'life is short'. I came back home from Scandinavia last year after a two year run across the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland…without entering the details of my two week escape to China…eager to reveal the wonders experienced abroad.

First hand, I came upon our TEN year high school reunion (yes it's now ELEVEN years since I graduated from high school and counting…) considered a member of the elite group of bachelors still living life to the fullest. As expected, most of my friends had entered into their new role in family life…or walking through the exit door back into single-hood.

During the past decade I have traveled half as much as Condoleezza Rice since her nomination as the US Secretary of State in January 26, 2005…not that we've traveled together in any of our trips or that we have similarities through our jobs…but a good quote serving as a reminder of the size of my wallet.

Surely I have caused steaming conflicts as Hugo Chavez's remarks at the previous UN General Assembly and have been as thirsty for recognition as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…just not precisely in the nuclear industry perspectives…but I've been around.

If only I would have known what I know today ten years ago, I could have outsold Britney Spear's albums or perhaps matched Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrola's world wide Habbo Hotel success.

Older means 'brighter', according to a column in the daily Honduran Herald published recently, we have this white mass in our brains which allows it to interact with its various parts. Surprisingly persons between thirty five and forty five years old find themselves in their best stage concerning brain development due to the fact that this white mass keeps on growing until then. So I might not have missed the true spark which will boost my life dreams after all.

I still find twenty year old women more attractive and perhaps that won't change much in the coming years…not that I plan to date Tatana Kucharova…but there's a pleasant integral part which comes with walking around our paths in life that brings me on the side of Michael Schumacher in winning the F1 world championship before his retirement.

So what happens when I reach thirty next year, well if you think young, you stay young!

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Thanos2006-10-11 11:07:39
Forties are even better! Fifties fantastic....

Sand2006-10-13 09:07:57
Rest easy. I am starting on my eighties and also find 20 year old women worth a second glance. Being a realist I also am aware they are more than I am willing to handle, assuming they would be amenable to my handling (which is highly unlikely).

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