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Europe for the people and not people for the Euro
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-05-05 10:39:07
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In the next twenty-four hours two European counties will deal with critical elections. The schizophrenic with those two cases is that the result of those elections will influence in many ways – not always similar – their internal situation, the European situation and each other. In France Sarkozy is probably packing his suitcases and in Greece, well in Greece things are a bit more complicated.

Hollande is not the Messiah who’s going to save France and the French people know it very well. But at least it's not Sarkozy and there is hope that he will do something for the French people and not for the “Greater Europe”- the big dream Sarkozy shared with Angela Merkel and the European bankers. The French people are afraid that the “Greater Europe” dreams of Nicolas are destroying France, leading one of the leading European economic powers into a recession beyond return. Hollande promises one simple thing, a “Greater Europe” is one thing but let’s make sure that the French people are able to bring food on the table. Let’s make sure that Europe before becoming “Great” is the Europe her founders dreamed of, a Europe for the people and not the people for the Euro.

In Greece things are different; recession is there all the way, unemployment, poverty, homeless people and suicides is reality. Under the pressure of IMF and EU, the austerity measures might secure that the banks will get their money but they have also taken everything from the Greek people, including their dignity - what is left is anger . They have been used and betrayed by the politicians; the very same politicians they are now called to vote and save them. Suddenly the political spectrum in Greece is not left or right, but divided between the ones who support the measures and see a future in IMF and EU, and the others who are against the anti-austerity pact, with solutions that cover anything from negotiating from the inside EU to return to the drachma.  And in the middle of it all that, the angry and betrayed people. And don’t forget the rise of the neo-Nazis and the nationalist/xenophobic/racist parties, who found their golden chance to veil their real ugly faces behind the anti-austerity veil and use people’s anger to enter the Greek parliament absolutely democratically.

The message for Europe is clear, just like it was with the Irish vote a few years ago. Something is seriously wrong and if you don’t fix it the domino effect that scared you with the economics might come in a totally different way. Van Rompuy, Barroso and the rest of the gang, including their puppeteer Angela Merkel know that they failed. What makes it worse is that they fail to admit it and stubbornly continue experimenting with the Euro and the European people.

If Hollande keeps his promises and bring the change he’s promising in Europe, then things will change also in Greece; since the socialist politician was one of the first that said that the whole economic policy practiced in Greece the last two years was wrong and it leads to the destruction of the country. From the other side the rise of the euro-sceptics and Nazis in Greece, combined with the rise of Mari LePen in France, might bring some really worrying messages to the Europe as the champion of the word human rights and multiculturalism. And Euro-sceptics is the contemporary political correct word to cover xenophobia, racism and all kind of prejudices.

Twenty four hours and counting!

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