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Hollande, Nostradamus and Merkel
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-04-28 09:08:41
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1981, for the ones who might remember, it was a strange year for Europe with French elections leading in strangeness. Francois Mitterrand was fast heading for the French presidential seat and it was around these days when the conservative media discovered Nostradamus. Michel de Nostredame for the ones who might don’t know was a French “prophet” who according to his believers has predicted nearly everything that happened the last two centuries or will happen in the near future including world wars, dictators and disasters. Oddly all these prophets have a thing with the doom day.

However one of Nostradamus prophesies became very contemporary according to the once who could get/translate/explain their sibyllic meaning; when the rose will rule Europe the worst war will start. And the rose means the socialists and the worst war meant WWIII and atomic bombs flying all around. Don’t forget that the cold war was not over yet and the Soviet Bear was still standing threatening there, on the other side of the hill. Francois Mitterrand was definitely going to be the first socialist president of the French republic and all arguments that had been applied had been proved poor to stop the people of voting the socialist veteran so threats for the doom-day had their turn. And reading the news agencies around Europe with reports on what politicians have said in Germany – especially the chancellor Angela Merkel – I felt the only thing missing was Nostradamus prophesies.

Reading the majority of the critics you come to believe that Francois Hollande is the anti-Christ and his presidency will lead to the end of Europe. Angela Merkel seeing that his victory might be not avoidable or at least possible – hope dies last – she said that in the name of the European Union she’s ready to meet with Hollande! Damn and I was sure that the will of the French people had to be respected just like the will of the German people who elected her chancellor.

There is something seriously wrong here and despite all the time between 1981 and 2012, despite the democratization of more countries worldwide, despite of the more demand for freedom of speech, thinking and acting the people are still dealt like sheep with one and only right – the right to vote - and many, too many obligations. The French people have heard both, Sarkozy and Hollande and they have actually seen Nicola’s theories in practice and they think he failed. Hollande is not the anti-European monster who will lead Europe into the total destruction. Hollande wants – always according to the things he had said – Europe to return to her fundamentals, he wants a European Union for its citizens which something all European want. The question here should be what Ms. Merkel wants and how her wants can be contradicted to that. Actually Mr. Hollande pointed that "It's not Germany that's going to decide for all of Europe." And going back to 1981 Francois Mitterrand had said something similar actually Mitterrand from the beginning was asking for the creation of a European Monetary System, asking for economic changes in Europe and most importantly asking for more social changes. Did he succeed? In some things he did in others he failed but his era was definitely a mark for the European Union’s history and under the circumstances – having Thatcher on the other side of the table was not an easy task – he did brought some change in the European Union.

Is Mr. Hollande going to succeed? Nobody – including Nostradamus – can say but this is the decision of the French people and if he fails well there are the next elections and people will have their chance and right to punish him. Still it is noticeable the reaction of the conservative media and the European contemporary rulers including the German ruled European bank, the dysfunctional European presidency and the German chancellor. But then again a Hollande victory might be not good for all of them but you never know might be good for all of us!


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Emanuel Paparella2012-04-28 15:04:17
Ah! Socialism = communism; communism = end of the world. Illogical and untrue but ideologically satisfying.

On this side of the Atlantic we have a presidential candidate (Mit Romney) who thinks that there is still a cold war going on and we are fighting the Soviets; we have a congressman (West)who thinks there are some eithty Communist card carrying members of the US congress, all democrats of course...Not even Nostrodamus, in his wildest dreams and predictions could have predicted all that!

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