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Storm walker
by David Sparenberg
2012-04-24 07:41:37
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Flash forth in diverse forms!
Be as expressive as thunder and lightning  Know too when to be silent and invisible for this too is of the mystery  But do not fear yourself aligned and attuned in the rough and rapture of at-onement with the power and mystery of creation

Do not walk in the way of death or follow in heavy footsteps mechanical the half dead and those dispirited and death dreaming
Break forth the sudden show that illuminates wind and roll in dark clouds over paint splashed meadows  For where love needs on this ancient Earth there you are called to emerge in emergency as love’s fiery warrior
People dragging themselves compromised fear silence as much as fury and more than all else they quiver and hide from the force of truth
Even a gentle soul like Gandhi embraced truth force and the maker of beatitudes who chose the lowly and little children suffered and died for love’s sake
When the storm of a darkness at noon comes over your horizon, you most called upon, storm-walker, do not crouch with cowards but join the dancers of nature who dare to weep themselves into laughter and spin light webs of re-Earthing over land and sea
Even more than flow and balance, ever precious, creation cherishes joy and spontaneously rising the passing clear songs of acts of beauty  Winnowing of one world but also sews fresh faces into the fertility of another season
Who is more beloved of the desert than one naked and painted with the promises of cyclical prophecy and who dares to be called Rainmaker and Ghost Dance-Walker of Pollen
Can you, my friend in honeyed solidarity, envision what these words seek for you to see  Can you feel the coming-distant near and intimate ; can you hear the hymn of the living in the muscled drum-percussive of heartbeats

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