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Biblical beatings for babies
by Asa Butcher
2006-10-03 10:51:58
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Forget the Koran as the most misinterpreted religious text of our time because the Bible is still firmly on the scene. It is now being used to excuse the chastising of babies and small children with a nine-inch long polyurethane rod that, according to the marketing, will last a lifetime - whether the manufacturers mean the rod or the trauma is not made clear.

Biblical quotes, such as "Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him," (Proverbs 22:15) and "The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame," (Proverbs 29:15) are being used to encourage God-fearing American parents to purchase a 'rod of correction' with which they can discipline their child.

This 'chastening instrument', available in the United States, has already caused a moral uproar among parents across the world, including Christians, and a number of petitions have been created to ban this product from the market, yet this method of corporal punishment has chilled the hearts of everybody through its encouragement of 'educating' six-month-old babies.

On the website www.nogreaterjoy.org , there is an article written by Michael Pearl entitled 'Too Young to Spank?' in which he describes the situation of the application of the 'rod of training':

"A six-month-old throws his food bowl on the floor because he doesn’t like what is in it… When he seizes his bowl with intentions of dumping it, swat the offending hand with a little instrument (light wooden spoon, rubber spatula, flexible tubing less than a quarter inch in diameter, or any instrument that will cause an unpleasant sting without leaving any marks). As you swat the offending hand, say “No” in a normal commanding voice. The tone is more important than the word―not angry―but decisive. Children understand the temperament in your tone before they are born, and will recognize it. This swat is not punishment. Probably, it will not even cause the little guy to cry. He will be shocked and stop any action in which he is engaged. Explain to him that he is not to throw his food onto the floor. If he again makes an attempt, swat his hand again and say, no. The third time is the charm. He now knows that “No” uttered in a commanding tone, is something serious. He will not try that stunt again—at least not for this meal."

Right…the little guy will 'probably' not cry because he too shocked by the pain that has just been administered by somebody he thought loved him and he trusted, but not to worry because at least he won't try it again…for this meal. Excuse me? The punishment is now supposed to be given at every mealtime? How long until the little guy doesn't want food anymore because he associates food with that 'unpleasant sting'?

The manufacturers of this weapon claim that that it leaves the right amount of sting without injury, which implies that can secretly abuse your child without anybody spotting bruises or other marks that would alert neighbours, friends or Social Services. If a parent has to ask if their child is too young to be spanked, the answer screams out, "Yes, you stupid son of bitch!" If your own conscience is unsure about beating your child then it is wrong and if you need to justify this physical abuse with passages from the Bible then you are welcome to your so-called Heaven.

I have seen a great deal of material on the net during my countless years online, but nothing has disgusted and angered me more than reading about this subject. What other emotion can you feel when you read promotional text, like "designed with today's parents in mind, our chastening instrument is perfectly suited for the loving correction of your children," "it fits easily into purse or diaper bag!" and "satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back"?

Stop just for a minute and imagine whipping an infant only a few months old on their bare skin with a Premium Grade polyurethane rod measuring 9" long, 1½" wide and 3/16" thick. How do you feel? By the way, the manufacturer is not responsible for misuse of this product…need I say more?

Sign the petition and read more on: http://stoptherod.net/

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trol2006-10-02 14:01:37
"The third time is the charm. He now knows that “No” uttered in a commanding tone, is something serious. He will not try that stunt again"

Yeah sure. The poor kid will be so scared and angry that will do it again and again and in an even more exaggerated manner. And justifiably so. I would do the same.

Päivi2006-10-16 15:22:46
There´s a saying "Knowledge increases pain". Describes my feelings well about this rod.

Found another petition:

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