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Romeo shot traumatized Finland
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-03-31 09:34:43
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This morning while listening the news all Finland lost a heart-beat and for the next few hours all of us doesn’t matter what we did, planed to do or didn’t do; all of us had in the back of our mind the terrifying combination of the words, school and shooting. Nobody was seriously hurt and the shooter was arrested but even now hours after the incident everybody has realized how deeply this country has been hurt and how deep is the trauma the last two incidents have left to everybody who lives in this country.

The latest reports from the police talk about a broken heart of a very young man but there is absolutely nothing Shakespearian in the picture of a young man with a gun storming a school class and start shooting. And there is absolutely nothing romantic about the fact that came from the police that this young man actually had licenses for three guns: a shotgun, a rifle and a small-bore rifle. And there is absolutely no excuse that the last four years the governments of this country are still talking about ways to make more difficult licensing a weapon. And the excuse that “the permits were granted for hunting” sounds so poor!

The police and the media keep referring to the young man as “born in 1989” covering or trying to avoid any reference to his age afraid that he was just 22 years-old might shock more the people or remind them that the other two school shooters the last three years were around the same age; all very young! Chillingly young! And the background of the adept doesn’t matter however “romantic” might sounds for some, the fact is that a young man carrying guns – plural, not just a gun – entered a school and started shooting. If in his mind there was a Romeo and a Juliette I don’t know and I’m not sure if anybody will ever know but the danger of tens of students to get killed is a fact. And if it wasn’t the bravery of a teacher who pushed him out of the classroom nobody knows how many victims would be in our conscience today.

By the way the next most shocking thing of the day came from the mouth of the Interior Minister Päivi Räsänen who said “all schools should take matters of security seriously.” And she continued with the unbelievable “Pupils must know what to do in an any number of situations. Rescue plans are ready in many schools but others still need to make progress” short of saying that this was not going to be the last incident. Actually her reaction proves that the last two incidents taught absolutely nothing the state and the police and instead of trying to find how to prevent incidents like that they focus with the suppression of an unveiling event. And all that forgetting – out of naivety or stupidity – that in all three incidents the shooters came form inside the schools and they were part of the “pupils” world doesn’t matter how outsiders looked after. Actually analyzing her word you can see that they all missed the point and naked they are waiting for the next incident.

In the first two hours after the announcement in the news four friends had called me just to talk about it and check if I new or have heard anything new. Two of them Finns, tow of them foreigners living in Finland showing loud and clear what I said in the beginning, that these incidents have seriously traumatized the people who live in this country. All of them new that I would have nothing new, nothing more than what the radio or the television had said but they called me mainly out of need to share their fears. And the idea that “all schools should take matters of security seriously,” doesn’t work very well with this fear. Out of curiosity, what Räsänen expects from the teachers? In their breaks to petrol the yards carrying machine guns or the school to hire private security companies and kill their budgets in mindless muscles instead in educating brains? I can just see the headlines; the maths, music and chemistry teachers will be replaced with macho security guards!!!

In the meantime nobody secures the minds of the young people educating them and informing them about life, motivate them to improve themselves and navigate them to feel right and wrong but instead of that “the permits were granted for hunting” and hope that another brave – or stupid, depends on the way you see it – teacher will save his pupils again!


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