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Oku Inam
by Kufre Udeme
2012-04-14 13:15:50
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A sanctified institution
Bedrock of the highest priest
Birthplace of white sacrifice
The way to holiness

Head rung of all ladders
Order of the supreme
Where callers are bathed
With misfortunes of gain
And those with uncertain minds
Scampers to a lamp of the dark
Who renders a shocking answer
That it's a divine petition
To serve as Oracle of the Creator.

Acceptance of the call ceases the plights
And his ekuk, like fattening
Swallows a thread of trainings
In bundle of years.

Keeper of natural laws
Your path is edged with purity
The tail of your robe sways ofuo
You touched not that which is stained
No double mother crosses your way
No fresh yam danced through your tongue
Crawling through the bridge of seclusion
Respect is yours to gain
But glory is for the sovereign.

Oku, slaughter animals for guidance and gift
Bless our little ones on Etaha Day
And bound us closer to our Maker
For you are the trunk of his words.

Whiter than the sands of the deep
A voice in the council of authorities
If I am chanced to polish your mantle
I'll smile and sleep with that
Better serving the sacred one
Better prostrating to a dancer
Of the deepest tune
Than dine with kings and queens
Who know nothing beyond their thrones.

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