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A continent ruled by fear
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-03-28 07:41:37
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Except some Italians I presume nobody else has missed Berlusconi and his schizophrenic policies but how Europe will look without Nicolas and Angela that’s a whole new story. And perhaps among other things Berlusconi entertained us occasionally whilst there is absolutely nothing entertaining about Sarkozy, Merkel and their new European order.

And this new European order, the Franco-German alliance try to enforce in Europe has the taste of French cream with a lot of sauerkraut (finely shredded cabbage) and I’m afraid the combination is not recommended by any chef. Sarkozy is the revenge of the middle class in France and Merkel the revenge of the East Germans to Germany both carrying a very heavy and often confused even schizophrenic ideological background that combines liberal phraseology with monolithic and extreme conservative practices. In Merkel’s case – and this is the part Sarkozy is absolutely jealous of her – she has the banking system backing her. But the backing system and the industrialists are good for funding but not enough to win elections.

For the next few weeks both European leaders need to show that they are in control and since they both wanted the people of their nations to be totally Europe oriented they have to show and prove that Europe is what it is in control and that their role is beyond domination. This is that part I should say poor Greece, poor Portugal and poor Spain since these three are going to make their easy targets for their domination exampling. Of course there is the European leadership, you know Van Rompuy, Barroso, Ashton and the rest of the gang; but this is the part we laugh. Cameron remains a mystery dreaming to be Thatcher and acting like Blair, not a good combination but who gives a damn at the moment we have the Olympic Games and Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee and this is enough to keep a whole nation busy for over a year. Don’t forget that the Olympic Games kept the whole Greek nation busy for a couple of years while rolling to the steep. What is left is a few satellites and a lot of Eastern Europe locked in their own introversion with IMF guarding most of them.

So how Europe will look like if Nicolas and Angela lose? But would you ever imagine, let’s say thirty years ago that Sarkozy and Merkel had any chance to rule Europe? Most likely no but what has changed the last thirty years in Europe is the element of fear. The Europeans are afraid and perhaps for the first time they realize that they cannot control or even comprehend the changes that have happened the last thirty years in the continent and how much the economic globalization so ambitiously the European and American leadership dreamt thirty years ago would turn into a social and financial global nightmare and that the new market and financial order would turn into a social disorder.

Despite all the reinsurances the recession in Europe is far from over and the solutions including the ones form the IMF is just patches or trying to battle4 cancer with aspirin and what we see this moment is just the peak of the iceberg. The last few days the German debt exceeded the two trillion Euros literally dwarfing the 130 millions of the Greek debt. And the only thing that saves at the moment the loss of the triple A status of the Germans and the German banks is the fact that a lot of German banks have invested or fund – secretly or openly - the rating agencies. And these things will come out during the campaign and they will come out in France as well – a France with no less debt – and then Nicolas and Angela will have to explain to their people that the distance between the safe and hard working northerners is not as big as they thought with the lazy and insecure south.

In the mean time Van Rompuy, Barroso and Ashton continue their sleep having succeeded in their doing nothing in the nothing-land to protect the European citizens they are obliged to serve and protect leaving fear for a future without dreams and hopes to rule.

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