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How bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-03-24 09:53:15
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Borat anthem stuns Kazakh gold medallist in Kuwait

bizzzzzz001Kazakhstan's shooting team has been left stunned after a comedy national anthem from the film Borat was played at a medal ceremony at championships in Kuwait instead of the real one. The team asked for an apology and the medal ceremony was later rerun. The team's coach told Kazakh media the organisers had downloaded the parody from the internet by mistake.

The song was produced by UK comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for the film, which shows Kazakhs as backward and bigoted. Footage of Thursday's original ceremony posted on YouTube shows gold medallist Maria Dmitrienko listening to the anthem without emotion and finally smiling as it ends. Coach Anvar Yunusmetov told Kazakh news agency Tengrinews that the tournament's organisers had also got the Serbian national anthem wrong.

"Then Maria Dmitrienko's turn came," he said. "She got up on to the pedestal and they played a completely different anthem, offensive to Kazakhstan." The spoof song praises Kazakhstan for its superior potassium exports and for having the cleanest prostitutes in the region.


Suspect pulls down girlfriend's shirt, bra and accuses deputy

bizzzzzz002Charles Michael Trichell and his girlfriend Shantele Arlene Gunter were arrested by Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies Sunday when they returned to a West Monroe nightclub after being told to leave and not to come back. While in the back of the patrol car on the way to Ouachita Correctional Centre, Trichell reportedly got out of the handcuffs and pulled down his girlfriend’s shirt and bra.

OPSO reported that at OCC Trichell accused the deputy of pulling down her clothes and would lose his job. When deputies tried to handcuff him again, Trichell resisted, causing a struggle. Trichell continued to threaten and curse the deputy. The arrest report stated suspected marijuana was found in the seat where Trichell was sitting. A female deputy pulled Gunter’s clothes back up.

The arrest affidavit stated OPSO told the couple to leave the Western Club only to be called back because Trichell and Gunter had returned. The first time they left, Trichell was carrying a case of beer. When deputies came back the beer was broken in the street and Trichell was cursing the complainant.


Lost cell phones added up fast in 2011

bizzzzzz003Americans lost about $30 billion worth of mobile phones last year, says a new industry report. More phones were lost in Philadelphia than any other U.S. city, says the report by mobile security firm Lookout Labs. The company based its findings on data from 15 million users who downloaded its app that locates lost devices. San Franciscans and New Yorkers lose their phones three times more often than Chicagoans, it says. Top five cities in the U.S. for phone loss during 2011 were Philadelphia, Seattle, Oakland, Long Beach and Newark.

The study points out that four of the 10 cities with the highest rates of lost and stolen phones — Cleveland, Detroit, Oakland and Newark — also were among the 10 cities with the highest crime rates. Last year, Lookout's app located 9 million lost smart phones or one phone every 3.5 seconds. Based on the sample data, Lookout concludes Americans lose a phone, on average, once a year.

"Each day, $7 million worth of phones are lost by Lookout users alone, and if unrecovered, it would take a significant toll not only on our wallets, but on our psyche, too," says Kevin Mahaffey, co-founder of Lookout. People are most likely to lose their phone at night. A large majority of lost phones — 67% — are located between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m.  Phones were most often lost at coffee shops, bars, workplaces and restaurants. In New York City, fast-food restaurants topped the list of places where phones are most likely to be lost. In San Francisco, coffee shops topped the list.


Hornets fans gave Jason Smith a standing ovation

The Hornets' Jason Smith earned a Flagrant 2 foul and an automatic ejection after this hard foul on Blake Griffin, but earned the admiration of New Orleans fans on his way out.

While Smith apologized later to Griffin, he can still expect a fine and/or suspension after giving Griffin the most vicious hit since getting judoka'd against Morgan State in the 2009 NCAA tournament. New Orleans went on to win 97-90.

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