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A Very Short Version of the Simple Physics of Socio/Political Movements and Change
by Leah Sellers
2012-03-23 07:36:51
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Push and Pull - Pull and Push
I want - You want
I need - You need
What’s Mine ? - What’s Yours ?
Agreed and Disagreed
Two (or more) Wills opposed
We’ll Struggle through
It’s the nature of Things
Push Me - Pull You
Revolution inevitably brings about Devolution
As one Thing Changes in order to Create another
While considering the predictably unpredictable Evolutions
Inherent within Revolutions
Some more weak-kneed types may ask, “Why bother” ?
But Aspirations held high
And Respirations brought from air-hungry pants
To anticipatory and satisfied sighs
The Ideals of Revolution
Taken one quick Step at a Time
Forever Conspire to Inspire
Forever Soar Above and Fire
The Spirit and Mysteries of Becoming

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Emanuel Paparella2012-03-24 09:53:19
This short description of the dynamics of socio-political movements brought me back to the visit I paid just a week ago to Philadelphia’s Constitution Hall. In the august hall one sees life-size bronze statues of all the signatories of the American Constitution; towering above all of them George Washington himself as a 6.4 foot commanding figure. One cannot but be moved by the recreation of this historical scene. Here they are, the founding fathers, having just fought and won a revolutionary war, envisioned and created a new nation on the face of the earth, a great inspiring constitution to replace the articles of confederation and so forge a more perfect union, affixing their signatures and putting on the line their sacred honor. As I watched this inspiring historical scene I thought to myself: I wonder if any of them were thinking as they affixed their signatures that to proclaim in theory inalienable rights which adhere equally to all people who are created equal, and then not practice such a revolutionary principle pretty much assured that their sacred honor would be tarnished and that eventually a civil war would ensue to settle the war once and for all. As the song goes: When will we ever learn?

Emanuel Paparella2012-03-24 10:35:45
To be corrected on next to the last line: to settle the matter once and for all.

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