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Mohammad Vs Mozart: Stupidity won
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-09-29 10:29:14
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All my life I believed that there is a limit to everything. There is one point that you cannot go any further. If you do, then you find yourself on a new road. Somehow this belief applies to everything and to everybody, even to the Berlin opera company.

Kirsten Harms, the director of the Berlin opera company, announced that they are going to cancel the Mozart production Idomeneo (Learn More in Ovipedia), over security fears because at one point it features the severed heads of ancient Greek god Poseidon, Jesus and prophet Mohammad. In her announcement she commented that, “We know the consequences of the conflict over the caricatures,” before adding, “We believe that needs to be taken very seriously and we hope for your support.”

ovi_mozart02_400I’m not sure if the director and her advisors consulted anybody before taking this decision or if it was a naïve thought, but first of all they are definitely not going to get my support since they are opening a new road to this conflict away from the usual pathetic clerics and the Iranian mullahs. I sincerely hoped that the Berlin opera company would cross all the borders and all the limits of which we have all been afraid.

What’s really her worry? That Bin Laden will be angry with Mozart? And if she’s so sensitive over the feelings of a few fanatics shouldn’t she be more sensitive for the music lovers? Does she really believe that nobody will react to all these Muslim prejudice? Because that’s exactly what it is, in the name of a culture I have to kill Mozart. What’s next?

Are we going to change history as well so we are not hurting the feelings of the poor Muslim clerics in Pakistan, Turkey and Iran? Are we going to rewrite the crusades and the invasion in Europe of the Ottoman Empire? The crusaders will become the blood thirsty animals and Mohammad II, who destroyed and raped Constantinople, is going to be the peaceful savior that brought civilization?

By canceling a performance of a Mozart opera the Berlin opera company took the whole thing down a new road, where do we stop? If these people have read German history they will know that everything started with small compromises over sixty years ago. You cannot compromise to things like that.

Mrs. Kirsten Harms, harmed culture and civilization more than she will ever probably understand. She voluntary bowdlerized a piece of art. She openly provoked exactly what democracy represents, openness, tolerance and freedom of expression. And she did that to something that was composed centuries ago. Oddly enough, the only ones who came out to support her idea were fanatics who felt that they won…again! If she wanted to avoid the war of civilizations she just started one.

A few years ago we all stood and protested with what happened to Salman Rushdie and the threats to his life. Would Mrs. Harms have given him to the mullahs to express their friendly feelings and superior peaceful belief by chopping his head off?

And one last question because I saw no reaction of the so called intellectual Muslims. On the contrary, the German Muslim council saluted the cancellation as very positive, is this how the dialogue starts? What’s next? The Magic Flute because that has something as well…

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Jacko2006-09-28 10:11:33
Opera Bin Laden...hahah.

Robert2006-09-28 15:06:46
you never know!

Ergotelina2006-09-28 15:41:25
Islam conference wants to see banned opera...
Delegates at a conference of the German government and the country's Muslim community say they would go and see an opera deemed offensive to Islam together - if it is ever staged. The declaration followed a day of talks overshadowed by the cancellation of Mozart's Idomeneo.

Thanos2006-09-28 19:01:45
Ergo, You shouldn't read so much "Eleftherotipia" is not ...always saying the truth!!! Or at least all the truth!!! They say what they read from official announcements and newsletters, you should know!

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