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Deluding ourselves in Toulouse and the Euro-sceptic veil
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-03-21 07:30:08
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I suppose you all read the news. A man and three children were shot dead in Toulouse France in front of a school. All the victims have been Jewish, black or of North African descent and the suspects belong to neo-Nazi groups. These are the facts. Another fact is that things have escalated the last few years in Europe and neo-Nazi or politically correct euro-sceptic groups covered have reached the European parliaments. Before getting to the murder all the signs have been there but most of the time police and states have concluded the cases with decisions like “there is no clear motive” despite the fact that hate crimes and murders have spread all around Europe. Last month it was a pizza place in Finland next month will be somewhere, in Europe.

Actually this …not real motive made me laugh. Tragic but a neo-Nazi murders Jewish, black or of North African descent, doesn’t matter the three are children one infant and nobody makes a connection? Even Clouseau would have made the connection from the first look. Deluding ourselves, that’s the words I was looking and the tragic thing is that we are doing it consciously, by choice because we are afraid to see our faces in the mirror.

A few years ago a new word invaded our European lives ready to cover the ugliest parts of an embarrassing reality and I’m afraid it did so just the way most of these political correct words have invaded our lives the last few years. Is like words will hind the embarrassing past and not the acts. So under the umbrella of euro-scepticism we managed to cover all the extreme right European trash and the same time give rostrum literally and an excuse to every single fascist and racist trash. We all know what LePen represents, the man a few years ago and before becoming political forget he said his ideas about the holocaust and the role of Hitler in history. But now he gone through the baptistery of the Euro-sceptic and voila, Mari is clean! Imagine that there is a party in Europe this minute that the word true or pure composites its name. Pure or true what? Arian? White? What? But again the Euro-sceptic veil has covered everything. Even though the members of the party when they want to party without the politically correct mask rent a boat and go to international waters and express their true and pure feelings about immigration, Jews and leftish.

For the next Greek elections that are coming in the next few weeks there is a lot of talk about a new – new to its entrance to the parliament only - party that will literally invade the Greek parliament, Chrisi Avgi; the Greek neo-Nazi party. Can you imagine saluting Nazi style into the Greek parliament? This will be the end of the Greek democracy. But hey they are …euro-sceptics. When the True Finns made their unbelievable record last year in the Finnish parliament the first ones to congratulate them were the Greek neo-Nazis. And the National Front, sorry the British euro-sceptics are power in the European parliament; just imagine the National Front in the same parliament with Winston Churchill! And nobody reacts; you see they all have become politically correct abusing the meaning of political correctness and most of all the meaning of democracy. And do you know what’s the best part that all these parties are aiming to get over the parliaments …democratically so they can demolish democracy!!!

And what the other politicians have done? The ones that overwhelm the 27 European parliaments most of them from countries that have lived under the boots of fascism? The European leadership? Especially there reactions are immediate and naturally politically correct. Just look what her holly useless EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said for children killed 'in all sorts of terrible circumstances,' including the shooting in Toulouse, France, and events 'happening in Gaza.' But don’t forget the idea is be politically correct and stand under the “there is no clear motive” policy.

Actually the only European who somehow saved their dignity and stood up was the old fox of the Finnish politics, Paavo Lipponen. The old Finnish social-democrat was the only one who stood up during the last presidential election in Finland and unveiled the euro-sceptic veil and showing their real black face. And he is the only European politician who has tried to coy their voters in case he could take some votes.

Because this where all these parties started picking their power. Of course with their populism they attracted numbers of voters and instead of informing them for their mistake, for misinformation and the lies they were listening they actually adopted the same talk bringing them more in the mainstream and suddenly considering normal and freedom of speech the unbelievable and inexcusable outburst of xenophobia, discrimination, racism and prejudice.

What happened in Toulouse was not an awaking it was verification on how deluding ourselves in and how much worst things are going to get under the cover of the convenient Euro-scepticism.

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Inspector Clouseau2012-03-21 09:51:50
French interior minister Claude Gueant said the suspect had spoken to officers through the door and declared himself to be a "mujahideen" or Islamic warrior fighting to avenge Palestinian children killed in the conflict with Israel.

The minister said: "The suspect's mother was brought to the scene. She was asked to make contact with her son, to reason with him but she did not want to, saying she had little influence on him."

He added: "This person has made trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan in the past... and says he belongs to al Qaeda and says he wanted to avenge Palestinian children and to attack the French army.

"He has links with people involved in jihadism and salafism."

It is reported that the suspect is of Algerian descent and was known to France's domestic intelligence service.

Thanos2012-03-21 11:45:32
Did that make the Euro-skeptics less fascist, racist and trash?

Emanuel Paparella2012-03-21 14:15:07
Inspector Clouseau, I am surprised: a good inspector like you should have by now have made the connection between al Qaeda and neo-nazism, rather than disengenously assume that the two phenomena are mutually exclusive. The late Christopher Hitchens identified at least a half a dozen commonly held characteristics of the two movements which he identified as “islamofascism”: they both 1) despise the life of the mind, art and literature as symptoms of decadence, 2) exalt death and destruction, 3) are hostile to modernity 4) are nostalgic for past glories, 5) are anti-Jewish, 6) worship leaders. I would suggest that paradoxically, the Norwegian killer neo-Nazi Anders Breivik has much more in common with al Qaeda than with his fellow European Norwegians. The same applies for the neo-nazis now present in several European countries and the USA and plotting the eventual destruction of democracy as we know it in the West and elsewhere.

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