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I have the experience
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-09-29 10:29:19
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In British parliamentary history there is something that most parliaments have gradually adopted. The shadow government, for every office of the British government there is a shadow minister that questions, controls and reports the actions of the government from the opposition.

In the conference of the Labour Party, a new star appeared: the shadow prime minister and his name is Gordon Brown. Tony Blair said that it is hard to let it go and everybody could sense that the man is not going or at least he’s going to be there, somewhere around reminding everybody about what he did for them. He often reminds me of these mothers you find in books that always complaining that they sacrifice their lives for their kids, while they have totally destroyed their own kids.

Tony Blair is exactly like that, when he will step out and, after a brief holiday probably in Spain, he will return going on and on about what he did for Britain. I’m not sure what he did for Britain, but I’m sure about what he did for the Labour Party, in simple words, he destroyed it! He managed to succeed exactly where even Maggie failed and if the Conservative Party hasn’t managed anything out of it then that is totally their fault and it shows that there is a serious problem with British politics.

ovi_tony02Tony urged the party to unite and win a fourth term, but he forgot to ask which party. Which party really, even the Conservatives are getting a bit confused; they never saw their whole ideology put in practice so well before Tony Blair. Even Margaret Thatcher must be happy in her throne. Not to mention the American neo-Republicans and brother George. After three terms with Tony, the only thing the Americans don’t want to see is a Conservative government. Who would ever believe that?

Does anybody remember John Smith? He was the man who started the ‘reinvention’ of Labour and left it in the hands of Tony Blair and his new-Labourites. Smith accomplished an unbelievable feat in the history of the Labour Party by abolishing the unions block vote and replacing it with ‘one member, one vote’ and that was the end of unions, the biggest force inside the Labour Party.

What was left was a party that had no difference with the Conservative Party; after all, they had a common enemy, the left wing members of the unions and the Liverpool gang. Neil Kinnock, from the other side, after being defeated in every sense from Maggie gave up and compromised in his nowhere role as the balance figure inside the party, enjoying, in the end, his role as representative of Britain in the EU as commissionaire and be the Trojan Horse for a number of unexplained legislations inspired from the Blair’s neo-labour conservatism.

After that, Tony was free, the man would probably be better with the Conservative Party, but he had family ties and traditions with the Labour Party, so this is where he chose to make a career. The Labour Party became the Blair family little house on the prairie with a lot of Blair-clones and Cherie’s hairdresser or better stylist…running around.

This is where Gordon Brown comes. A shadow of Tony Blair, a shadow of a shadow Labour. Of course, there were the usual stories, such as Cherie calling him a liar. Naturally the woman knows how to spot a liar; she lived with one for a long time. What else was she expecting as her husband’s successor? A better liar! That’s probably why she was so bitter. Thinking about it, it must be another reason for her bitterness, she will have to live with Tony more hours a day and that’s too much for anybody.

Gordon Brown, in his speech at the conference, said I have the experience, no doubt. He was there while Tony was building his party, he definitely has the experience first of all to tear apart Tony’s work and to build his ultra new-Labour Party! We have seen it happen; we have the experience as well.

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Asa2006-09-27 19:59:51
Gordon Brown as PM? A Scottish PM? Not a shadow of a chance.

Thanos2006-09-28 15:07:37
What other then? Do you think conservatives have any hope?

Asa2006-09-29 09:57:45
Yes, they have a hell of a chnace considering that England is reaching a breaking point concerning evolution, Europe and a host of other issues chipping away at their identity. A Scot in charge is the last thing many of them want.

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