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Women's Domination - Short Story Competition
by Mahmoud Mansi
2012-03-04 09:53:22
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womens_domination__ovi_magazine_400Women’s domination, and its impact upon economy, art and the environment as a whole, has always been a controversy constantly debated by both men and women.

Some people define domination through physical beauty, smart emotions, thoughtful minds, formal authorities, and sometimes supernatural powers, and though these might seem like different approaches, they all lead to the same conclusion.

With the growth of female domination, two philosophies bloomed higher and started to become widely known amongst many of us. The two branches of this plant are Feminism and Anti-Feminism. They are both watered by the same source and provide the same fruits, but perhaps with a different flavor.

The Forgotten Writers Foundation has issued this short-story competition as an opportunity for men and women, feminists and anti-feminists, to express their own philosophy, or perhaps introduce a new one. It is time to apply democracy in the other aspects of life, along with the one of politics.

The winning stories will be published in one book, along with an analysis written on the topic “Women’s Domination” and how people from different backgrounds perceive it.

Competition Guidelines:
Submission Period:

Starting from the International Women’s Day (8 / March / 2012) until (8 / May 2012).

For Questions and Manuscript Submissions: Native_Writer@yahoo.com

Special thanks to the Cover Designers: Painter Amel Mostapha & Artist Ahmed Mohamed Hassan.

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