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And now what ladies and gentlemen of the European Union?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-02-13 07:43:01
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Now what Ms Merkel? Now what Mr Sarkozy? What is coming next Mr Monti? There was a film some years ago with the name “the beautiful villages beautifully burn!” Are you watching? Are you watching Athens burning in the name of the European unity and solidarity? Have you got any idea what social uprising means and where this fire is going to end?

I’m writing these words early in the evening watching the news from Athens and I pray – yes, me the atheist I pray – we will not see blood before the end of this night because if we see blood then I hope the god you believe Ms Merkel, Mr Sarkozy and the rest of you will save you!


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Emanuel Paparella2012-02-13 14:48:45
My heart goes out to the pain and suffering of the Greek people as I watch the above pictures and read Thanos Kalamidas’ poignant and powerful message to the EU politicians, technocrats and bureaucrats devoid of vision and imagination, as they transform the EU dream into a nightmare.

I was brought back to the prophetic words uttered in his last interview before he died by Martin Heidegger: “Only a god can save us now.” Vico complements that warning when he reminds us that the gods do return as harbingers of a lost original poetic mind-set. Without that kind of conspiracy of hope the West is indeed doomed, mired in greed and the calculations of the market transformed into a demiurge of sort.
Democracy and the very concept of Western civilization was born in Greece which is now being laid to waste by the neo- barbarians of the intellect and of the market. It may well die there once again unless out of the pain and suffering visited upon the Greek people enough imagination is reborn to envision those origins.

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