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The way to hell and the suspicious intentions
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-02-09 08:45:05
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From the very beginning I have been a very loyal pro-European. Mea culpa; I was thinking of a united Europe with common cultural roots, social awareness and economic unity and never thought of Merkel, Sarkozy and the rest of the gang including Barroso and Solana. I was thinking about the champion of human rights and defender of the European people. Mea culpa; I never thought of the champions of the banks and the defenders of private and often questionable agendas.

The Greek politicians have failed and first of all they have failed the Greek people but nobody, absolutely nobody has the right to undermine the Greek people. Nobody, absolutely nobody has the right to deal with the Greek people like an expendable product for the sake of a failing capitalism or at least the capitalism greed has transformed into. The new measures forced on the Greek people this minute are unacceptable and the excuse verifies a very old saying that the way to hell is spread with good intentions even though there more and more signs that this intentions have never been good. The situation in Greece was bad but the European leadership in the name of protecting the union’s economic safety made it catastrophic.

The last two years everywhere I write I keep saying that what is missing is political will and decisions. Nothing happened. Nothing happened with Barroso, nothing happened with Van Rompuy, nothing happened when Merkel decided that the Union needed it her to play the role of the Messiah. They all did exactly what mediocre personas do in these cases, stood still waiting for the solution to unveil alone. No solution came so they started experimenting always trying to be on the safe side. In the meantime the Greek drama became tragedy. But here two mistakes; first of all the Greek debt was never the Greek drama, what the Greek people go though and what is coming to them is the real tragedy. And secondly the allies, the partners were not exactly standing still, the same time they were experimenting with the Greek economy they were making sure that in a case 11 million Greeks were doomed they would save their banks. The measures they propose/force the Greek government to take this minute are going to kill the Greek economy and social structure. Having a fragile plan for a competitive economy – that’s how they dream the future boost of the Greek economy – they are turning every single Greek into a prey in the talons of the every greedy vulture.

Cutting by half the income of the still employed Greek population and bringing the basic salary to less than 600euros a month – of course not in the private sector where the bosses can negotiate whatever they want under the pressure of “my way or the unemployment way” – it means that there is not circulation in money, means an economic standstill for decades and you don’t need to be an economist to understand that. By leading the Greek family onto poverty means a huge change into the society’s structure where people need to unite their income to survive. Where kids never go away from their parents and you create a new style of family that will host under the same roof all in need including relatives and friends. Pensions to reduce 15-20% with nobody remembering to add that we are talking about pensions of 200 and 300euros. Adding to a constantly rising unemployment another 15,000 from the civil servants and remember that unemployment stats in Greece are not so clear since somebody is considered unemployed after having worked for a certain amount of time and unemployment mainly has hit young people especially the ones just coming out of school. And all that to save …what?

To save the people? To guarantee a better future to the Greek youth? No! All that to guarantee that the banks will take their interest from an old debt overwhelmed with decades interest. All that because Merkel in the name of the European unity and solidarity wants to empower the German and their cooperative banks. And I’m not going to talk again about the IMF and the wider geological plan to enter the European economy and force the euro to become equal to dollar in the name of a common market. Because all these things don’t touch the Greek people this minute. What touches these people this minute is that they are losing their food from the table and their dignity from their life. What these people care this minute is that they have a government forced by Merkel and the IMF to play the role of the courier between the Greek political parties and the bankers and that nobody really gives a damn about the ordinary Greek people .

What scares me? Is what I have also talked about in the past and what I see rising fast at the moment inside the social networks and mainly among the young people and I’m afraid soon in the streets and the houses of Athens. Nationalism, fascism. More and more young people feeling defendless in front the unfairness they are turning into radical callings. That scares me. And what I hope? I hope even this last moment somebody will do something to save these people. And if that means to screw the European unity, to stop payments and have the whole banking world in trembles then yes, why not. After all the European Union I believed into does not exist and what we see today is Merkel’s dream.

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Emanuel Paparella2012-02-09 11:18:41
Indeed Thanos. It is very frustrating to find oneself in the prophetic tradition. It is frustrating to see oneself slowly transformed into a voice crying in the desert. The voice may even sound angry to some but it remains necessary to convey a modicum of concern and offer people, especially the young and the impressionable who are resorting to extremism, a modicum of hope and vision, even when one gets charged in the process with cynicism and pessimism.

Prophecy in fact has less to do with predicting the future and more to do with sounding the alarm and giving a warning of what may happen if the voice is ignored and the messenger is vilified because one does not like the message that is being delivered. The message of most prophetic voices is one of anti-corruption. It stresses not the dire predictions but the “if” of that prediction. The villains, those “overachievers” one per centers who transform dreams into nightmares usually don’t appreciate prophetic voices of any kind and will invariably proceed to muzzle them at any cost. One thinks of Socrates, Christ, Thomas More, Silone, just to mention a few from a very long list.

On a more personal note, when I published my book titled A New Europe in Search of its Soul seven years ago, some colleagues and friends told me at the time that the book would never be welcome; it would be like a voice crying in the desert. To its credit, Ovi posted its cover for a long time and published some of its reviews, but in general there was no acclamation for what was a perceived as the voice of a malcontent crying in the desert. My reply to my friends at the time, and my reply today is still the same: were that the case, then the book had achieved its purpose and could be considered successful even if read only by a few: those who appreciate prophetic voices and take them seriously. I further believed then and believe now that its relevancy would be appreciated only later when the unheeded warning came to pass or perhaps did not come to pass because somebody had paid some attention. That later may be on the horizon already; we may well be at a crucial crossroad in Western civilization where momentous decisions and a shifting of social paradigm needs to be made but I am afraid that things have to get worse before they get any better in a society gone astray with greed, consumerism and selfishness, a selfishness and unconcern now considered a virtue. After all, Ayn Rand’s books are still doing a brisk business and social darwinism is alive and well. Time will tell. Time always tells, and in fact does so much better than grandiose abstract principles left to languish on paper and never practiced.

Eva 2012-02-11 10:37:27
Modern day genocide :( I wonder what the history books of the future will say?

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