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Holding hostage a nation in collective responsibility
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-02-03 09:11:48
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Where is this damn line that says “enough; you cannot do this!” you cannot do it because it opposes any fundamental that constitutes human dignity and human rights, you cannot do it because it contradicts any believes and standards that based this Union, you cannot do it because it kills democracy and every single sense of respect.

In the last centuries only once and only after a devastating war that took the lives of millions in the most nightmarish ways including poisonous gas, a war were mercy had become an unknown word; that was the only time when collective responsibility was forced over a nation punishing everybody under the same sky for crimes few did. And it took another devastating war that took even more millions of lives, that literally destroyed anything left still standing from the first war and left a continent in the edge of absolute break and surviving only thanks to the transatlantic cousins, occasionally even begging or hoping in philanthropists like the Marshall Plan. And don’t forget that cleverly the transatlantic cousins had seen that a bankrupt and in ruins market is not a worth market and half a billion consumers is not the short of market you dismiss overnight, that’s where they made the Marshall Plan fit.

But all this came after the Second World War. After the Second World War the winners realized you can not hold collectively responsible a nation for the crimes of the few. After the Second World War the winners realized that they were wrong after the First World War. Tragically wrong. And the consequences of their mistakes had brought a second world war in just a few years deference with exactly the same protagonists. By forcing collective responsibility on a nation they had actually pushed the masses to the extreme sides of the political spectrum in their dispirit search for their lost dignity, sides that under normal circumstances should not count more than 2 or 3% of the population. Amazingly we often forget that the Nazis came in power in Germany through democratic elections. The winners punished the few – why few is another issue and not the right place to start this conversation – and then in a collective effect that included winners and losers tried to rebuilt a continent in ruins. And despite all the difficulties they managed well if you think the power and the wealth the European continent managed to establish and legitimise by the end of the cold war where the last European countries joined free Europe.

The trick and the secret to resurrect a clinically dead economy and a society tortured by corruption and greed were to create a healthy economic environment with enough money to circulate, work for the masses and the chance for education. The transatlantic cousin’s help was valuable in this point. And that with the participation of all the nations without prejudice, winners and losers in the same barrel. By the way even the logical punishment the war reprisals had to be postponed to better times since everybody knew that if Germany for example had to pay back for the next fifty years then Germany would never stand up. Oddly the war reprisals to Greece from Germany – from looting the entire Greek treasury between 1941 and 1944 - are far higher than the Greek debt; the return of that money would have left Greece with profit instead at the doorsteps of a bankruptcy that is forced from partners including …Germany.

This last week the German administration – administration because they are there to protect and serve the interests of the German bankers and NOT to govern the interests of the German people and a nation equal member of the European Union – rose the issue of a commissar responsible for the Greek issue making sure that all orders from the troika are forced to the Greek people. Something like …what? A dictator employed from the major powers to control the colony? An assassin? A what? How the hell they are going to call this? Did the Nazis have any names for them? Gauleiter, Blockleiter or something else? In full respect for what millions of people gone through during the WWII and the unfair loss of millions of innocent souls but what Merkel is thinking to do if the Greeks “fail” her grant plan? Gas them? How the hell anybody in the European Union has dared to think of that and actually propose it? And where does that stop? And what about Italy, Spain and Portugal? And out of curiosity where are the German responsibilities in the Greek tragedy?

What happened in Greece the last thirty years is and was a problem mainly created from the Greeks but what has happened the last three and has turned the Greek problem into a European tragedy is the failure of the European Union and especially its contemporary leadership to act as a union, deal with the problem leaving aside agendas and interests and fight for the common good. And because sometimes some things must be said as they are, yes the Greeks screwed things for thirty years but in just three the European partners fucked the Greeks and now using the fascist excuse of collective responsibility they condemn them to quick death. Now it is time NOT only for the Greek but for ALL the Europeans to act and end the fascists of Brussels and Berlin.

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