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My ideal future economic model for Europe!
by Christos Mouzeviris
2012-01-19 07:24:44
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Our leaders are debating, going to summits trying to find a solution for the current economic crisis. They want to decide which way forward, what to do to save the euro and the European economy. The citizens are looking up to them desperately, in hope of any good news, something that will lift the heavy load of austerity from their shoulders!

In my opinion it is all in vain! Because simply our leaders do not have the guts to do what needs to be done; change the economic system of the Continent and perhaps the World! Our economies are capitalist and Market based! I am just about ok on the capitalist part, as I accept capitalism (even though I am a socialist) as a style to base your economy on! But this type that we have now, as we have seen recently and it is proven, simply does not work! Not for me, not for the ordinary citizens!

We have given the Markets and the Banks all freedom, they have become way too powerful and in fact they are endangering our societies and their coherence! Market economy is simply gambling! People are gambling on countries, companies, commodities and some of them grew to be so powerful, that can make whole countries go bankrupt. They even own more money than many of the smaller nations of this World! How can you stop or regulate such people, how to make sure that the future of our future generations is not in the hands of the powerful few?

We have recently the western media (owned by a few media "moguls"), mocking and slandering countries like Greece for the recent economic woes. We have the "peripheral" European states being pushed into the jaws of the IMF, that has done so much damage in the economies of Africa and Latin America. We have magazines like "The Economist" portraying the image of Greece as a country with the worst possible outlook. "A school for corruption" described Greece an article of this magazine a few years ago, when in fact there are few more corrupt countries than the USA and Britain in this World! (Since the Economist is usually favoring whatever happens in the stock markets of New York and London).

But if you are not on the list of the "elite countries" then you are fair game for those media's propaganda and ridicule! I wish someone to explain to us why Africa, a region of the world that is richer than any other in natural resources, is actually the poorest continent? Why the northern European states are among the richer, when they have very few natural resources? Is it only down to the “corruption” that African states are plagued by? Who decides which country is worth investing for, which country keeps its AAA, which country must be downgraded? Under what criteria?

Sweden for example, actually cooperated with the Nazis while the rest of us were being slaughtered to free Europe from their grip. They had peace and stability for so long simply because no one forced them into any wars, like they did with Greece. So they had decades of peace and stability, enough to set up an ideal social model, envied by many. If we all followed their example, we all would be speaking German by now!

Switzerland was not even invaded by the Nazis even though their country was right next to them. They too used the country as a safe haven to hide the stolen gold of the European Jews (sorry it had to be said. I wonder whatever happened to this gold). And even today they are just that! So here it is another "rich" country that had the freedom to develop with the money of others, and centuries of being used by the European war lords for serving one purpose; being the treasury of the continent, but only for the elite few!

The current economic system, the Market based free and unregulated capitalism, is set up by gamblers; the Americans and their culture of easy money! Who controls the Markets, the IMF and the rating agencies? They do! They all are based over that side of the Atlantic! Just watch any western movie and see what their favorite pass time was back then in the saloons, and what it is today; gambling! And our leaders support and protect this type of economy?  While it is clear to all of us that it is not ideal for us, the 99% of the global population! Majority wins in a democracy eh? If only!

Why Greece is not allowed to prosper by this system, while it has much more natural resources from the northern European states? Gold, uranium, natural gas, oil, plus a perfect climate, a beautiful landscape, and a important geopolitical position! Is it wrong to assume that there are some lobbies both inside and outside the country, that are forbidding any progress and prosperity for this nation? The gamblers of the West and of course our own traitors; the Greek orthodox church, a corrupt establishment that I personally despise, plus our corrupt political elite that was established with money coming from the West since WW2 and the rich elite made by a handful of people that collaborated with all the above at some point.

It is the system that is wrong in Greece, and it is kept like this for a reason. It would be so easy to reform the country, according to European standards! We are in EU since 1981 (then EEC) and partners of other European developed countries for all this time! Couldn't we copy a page or two from their books? Why reforms always have to stop after you enter EU? The European leaders knew very well the misuse of the EU funds by Greece, but they turned a blind eye to it? What for?

Is it wrong to assume that in all those “summits” that our leaders attend and we are not allowed to watch, deals are being made, the future of each country and balance of power is being discussed? Our national media sometimes hint or complain full of "patriotism" when small countries are being told what to do by larger ones.  But how accurate their reports are, since all discussions are being done behind closed doors? What are we not being told? How are our leaders come to conclusions about the best policies to follow?

We must acknowledge the influence of various lobby groups, investors and supporters of the campaigns of each political party. Especially the lobbies of Europe play an important role. With money from Europe and the EU subsidies, Greece has now a powerful farming lobby that is not allowing any real change in the country’s economy. While if you look at the map, Greece is a mountainous country with very few patches of green, mainly found in Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace! Our islands are mostly bare rocks sticking out of the sea. Yes farming is traditionally one of the main economic sectors of this country, but wouldn't be nice to diversify?

Wouldn’t be wise for Greece to exploit its other natural resources , like the oil and natural gas and provide Europe not just olives and tomatoes? In fact what I support as a future economic model is NOT the gambling culture of the market economy of the Yanks that most of you support! But who can blame you? It is all you know and you are being bombarded by our media to be part of it. Keep buying, keep consuming! Keep feeding the monster!

Instead of having some countries leading Europe, sucking all industrial or economic activity in the Continent leaving the smaller states fighting for scraps, wouldn't be nice to have a stable economic model for Europe? Not a Market based one, not an elitist one with few rich countries supporting the "peripheral" ones after having them on social welfare and hand outs in the form of subsidies for decades! Rather a federal Europe with a collective Government that invests in every country and allows it to exploit its natural resources. For jobs, stability, progress and prosperity of its own people first and then to supply the rest of the Continent with the best of what each country can provide. Fish from the north, vegetables from the south, minerals from Greece, agriculture from other greener spots of Europe, wood from Scandinavia, etc.

Look at the European map and see which countries are greener; France, Poland, Ukraine. We should be forwarding CAP funds over there and make them the breadbasket of Europe. Greece can still produce only what other regions can not produce because of climatic restrictions. Then it can provide Europe with its mineral resources, wind mills, solar panels for energy, oil, gas, gold, uranium. Why not help or encourage Greece to set up a green renewable industry, instead of remaining a limping farming country.

We can not compete with France as we do not have as much land mass that can be farmed as over there. Poland and Ukraine(that I hope will join EU in the future) and other regions like Romania, Hungary etc should start receiving more CAP funds and become the bread basket of Europe. They have vast farm lands and establishing a well organized farming industry can kick start their economies, until at least they decide to invest in other fields later on. Once their economies stabilize they can diversify it as they please. Why is Greece condemned to remain a poor farming country while we have so much potential and other countries can and must be allowed to develop ?

Perhaps because the farming lobby is too strong, like the fisheries lobby is too strong in Iceland and keep the country out of EU. And why don’t we change our economies? Perhaps because people that are milking the system and benefiting form the current status quo, are protesting and our media are being paid off to serve the interests of these elites. See what happened in Britain with the Murdoch scandal!

They are going to lose their easy money that comes from the gambling in the Markets. We have commodified everything from fish to water, that is why it is hard to be untangled by all this mess. Everything can be gambled into the Markets, even the destiny of the future generations of a whole nations. Millions of people that is! They have created bubble economies by pouring loads of cheap cash in the former poor countries of Europe (Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal) only to drive them into indebtment. And the rush in for the kill once they start asking for bail outs. With no real economies it is hard to repay the debts, so they are sinking into more debt! Some bankers out there are making huge profits out of the repayments of the loans that the poor people are forced to accept by the IMF. This is so wrong!!

Will you support all this nonsense? I want change! I want Europe to provide and protect its people. I want equality among its states and investments where they are needed to exploit the continent’s natural resources for the betterment of the people first. Stability, growth, peace and prosperity for all Europeans, not just a bunch lazy few marketers and bankers.

I am not an economist but if I can think of all the above then I am sure our politicians can do also. But why aren’t they doing anything about it? Because they listen to people like those gamblers and perhaps they are being paid off by them not to do the right thing. Go figure!!

(Apologies if any of the above nationals that I have mentioned have been offended. But we in Greece had to endure months of smear campaigns, branding us all as lazy, corrupt and tax evading thugs! Perhaps some of the German, American, Dutch, Swedish, Swiss and British nationals can eventually feel how it is to be slandered. I jut flipped the mirror towards your side. Time to realize not to trust what is being written in your national media, as sometimes are biased and are there to serve the interests of the ruling elites and the Markets.)


Christos Mouzeviris is the writer of the blog: The Eblana European Democratic Movement


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Emanuel Paparella2012-01-19 12:26:59
Indeed, Christos, apologies accepted, for were I to paint a whole nation with a wide brush and say that all Italians are cowards because one captain jumped ship, or all Americans are gamblers because of the Western movies depicting gambling saloons of the 19th century or Las Vegas of the 20th centurie or the so called free markets or corporations which are considered persons, or all Greeks are corrupt because they don’t pay taxes, or all French are seducers, I run the risk of argumentum ad hominem and ultimately of being accused of the same thing I am decrying: a slanderer. In any case, what remains commendable in your ideal vision of the EU is that it compares things as they are and things as they ought to be and finds things as they are rather wanting, even if at this point things as they ought to be look like an utopia. But utopias are needed, for without a vision the people perish. The EU founding fathers had a vision, today’s technocratic politicians are scrambling to survive and put humpty dumpty back together again. Mr. Monti is exemplary in that respect, no matter where he got his misguided economic paradigms.

But hope endures nonetheless. Silone called it the conspiracy of hope and you are quite right in gambling for hope. I choose the same.

Christos Mouzeviris2012-01-20 00:20:20
I do have a dream and a vision..I know that most people nowdays don't, but perhaps that is why there are not getting anywhere..I did have a vision once to live and travel in Europe when I was younger..And I have achieved that, and it did me so much good...I did have a dream to achieve some things and I did so too...And I grew so much as a person..Without a vision or a dream you are going nowhere..Sometimes the effort to achieve this dream will lead you somewhere else from the original dream, but this will be good...It is a process...We do no have politicians with vision anymore..That is the problem..

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