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Doomsday Clock *
by David Sparenberg
2012-01-14 11:05:22
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The supreme goal of our technology is ever increasing speed, so that eventually each traveler will arrive before departing.  This will be the end of time when the encounter with the double occurs and one must look at oneself in the process of instantly passing away while perpetually entrapped in a myopic velocity of double vision.
Herein the most advanced scientific technology will collide with the most ancient superstition.  To meet with one’s double is a sign of impending death.  Herein pure speed conspires with pure war.  Both are progressions unto endgame—Armageddon, absolute atomization, a cosmic blip of manmade fire.
The question at the forced end of time then is what sort of death awaits us.  Will it be a closed loop of inescapable madness, total interspecies annihilation, or stop gap sanity and biotic liberation?  An end of time that is oblivion, or an end of time that prefigures an inner evolutionary resurrection—a shift back to life after shutting down the Doomsday Clock of mass destruction and our long term enslavement to terror in the age of extinctions?
Since individual life is short a person can readily wonder what we are racing for if not to escape boredom by watching ourselves perish in an ultimate blur.
* On 10 Jan. 2012, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved the world Doomsday Clock up to 11:55pm, one minute closer to midnight—midnight being zero hour, the end of time, end of the world.

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