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Quo Vadis Euro?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-01-03 06:20:56
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Did you know that Euro reached its ten years mark? I suppose between announcements that the euro-crisis is deepen, calls for unity and predictions that in the next three months the euro-zone will count one less state you might have missed the fireworks and celebrations. For its tenth birthday this euro looks very miserable to me.

We spent two decades listening the global leadership talking about globalization, about the need of a more organized global economy that will push markets and sideways democracy; yes, they actually connected democracy and plutocracy, perhaps it was the –cracy ending that made the connection because otherwise there is no other connection between those two. And euro – according the experts – was a huge step that way. With the euro you get the whole western world doing business with two and only two equally strong currencies and of course influencing – the right ward should be manipulating - the global market.

Unfortunately in the two sides of the Atlantic they had slightly different ideas about this equality. The Europeans were dreaming a strong currency that will establish them to the international market and will stop their dependency from the dollar that had them under strict control since the WWII. The American dream was that the Europeans can have their own dollar with a different name something like the song “I say potato, you say potato” with the right accent. The plan didn’t work for neither side and the dominion war became IMF wars with the Americans looking for ways to enter the euro-zone. The possibilities for the invasion were many, it could be Ireland or Spain even Italy; it was Greece. After all Greece had been for long the weak link in the euro-zone. And the IMF landed for good in Brussels. The problem is that none of them calculated the global effects of an economic crisis especially since all of them had planed so well a global economy. And the IMF is in Europe but nobody knows why, how and where including the IMF itself.

Do you know what the pathetic part of the whole thing is? That the Americans had lived the whole thing before and they knew or at least they had a sense of what was going to happen. And they failed. Do you think this is the first time we are talking about global economy? Do you think this is the first time America and Europe are tide in an economic knob that can strangle them? What do you think happened back in 1920s? And before you ask, yes there was a global currency back in 1920s and it was the gold. It was the gold rates that marked the market and it was the overgreed of the banks and the industrialists that led to the economic crash and the depression. And before you ask again the sequences didn’t limit to the N.Y. exchange or to USA boarders that expanded globally. It was just the economic situation in Europe so dramatic after the WWI that one more crash didn’t mean much and for the ones who looking for historic coincidences, yes Greece was one of the countries that was forced into bankruptcy. But people who don’t learn from history are cursed to repeat their mistakes. And we have.

Nearly a century after we left the barons of the money to control for one more time our lives and for one more time live behind them hundreds of thousands of dead bodies just like back in 1920s and 1930s and 1940s. Do you want to know what else the economic crash brought? It brought Hitler and Mussolini. Just look around you and you see the signs, the flashing lights, the screams and the faces. But hey, the euro is going to be the strongest currency in history according to Mr. Barroso and Mr. Sarkozy. I suppose they will be remembered just like the founder of IBM who said that personal computers are impossible. By the way and since we are talking about Nicolas, the latest agony in Europe is not if Italy will follow Greece but if France loses the triple A status. If France loses the triple A automatically cannot guarantee the European bailout fund and the whole plan B that Nicolas designed with Angela goes to the rubbish throwing the whole Europe under the cliff.

Do you need more? Just read the things I didn't write but they are here and history always helps!

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