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Mrs. Oriana Fallaci
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-09-21 22:08:34
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For days I have been thinking of an editorial, but having things constantly in movement and adding new things to the Ovi magazine all the time I’ve kept leaving it for later. However, that was till I read some sad news and thought I should write something brief about it.

Since the sudden news has come from Italy and concerns a person that has been a controversial in this line of work, I decided that the best way to express my sadness would be an editorial.

Mrs. Oriana Fallaci, one of the most controversial characters in international journalism and successful authors, died on September 15th aged 77. She died in her birth town of Florence after 15 years fighting cancer.

Oriana Fallaci will be well-remembered from her reports in Vietnam and to the Greeks for her love of their country; she worked against the dictators during the dictatorship and had a personal relationship with the late Panagoulis, a Greek legend and hero.

For me, Oriana Fallaci will always be remembered for two things, her interview with Henry Kissinger when, even to his surprise, she made him admit that the Vietnam War was a huge mistake, which coming from the mouth of the former Secretary of State was a huge deal, and her book Letter to an Unborn Child, in which a mother talks to her unborn child going through her choices and her life. If you haven’t read this book, please do, it is a fantastic confession!

Oriana Fallaci achieved exactly what we want with the Ovi magazine, she had opinions and she caused controversy, in the sense that controversy opens dialogue. Even her last controversy made people think. She emphasized that there is a problem with the people who represent Islam nowadays, she emphasized that not liking American policy is one thing, but accepting, in the name of this anti-Americanism, the acts of terrorism with the death of thousands of innocent is another thing; the guilty should be stopped and punished.

Oriana Fallaci, just like she accused Henri Kissinger, accused the religious leaders just as responsible for the terrorism with their fanatism and burning speeches as the terrorists. The woman didn’t only make journalism her career, but honored journalism in every sense.

Arrivederci Oriana, mille graci

Thanos Kalamidas

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Robert2006-09-17 21:36:46
Yeah, I remember that interview

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