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Happy New Year ...2011!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-12-31 10:51:13
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Customary I should write my wishes and hopes for the New Year but an hour ago while talking with a friend from Greece he told me that the latest wish in Greece for the New Year is: Happy New Year 2011! Just stop there, do a step backwards and think again what I just wrote. Happy New Year 2011!

I have mention it before  that I absolutely admire my compatriots humor even under the most scary circumstances and having lived some of the darkest moments of modern Greek history I can insure you that this is a murderous humor. But this wish. This wish and the semantics behind it have gone beyond everything I have heard and in just four words it summarizes the drama these people live. Happy New Year 2011!

Just look what has happened to these people this year and they still think that it was better than 2012! The sarcasm, the irony? I don’t know what to say. And I don’t know what to say just hours a lunatic in Finland decided to go out in the streets and start shooting people with two confirmed death when I write this. While in Nigeria and after days killing Christians in churches a bomb exploded in a mosque killing Muslims this time in Syria clashes continue with unknown number of victims, Turkey murders more Kurds, Spain decides new salary cuts, North Korea buries god-Kim and I don’t know how many more things happening hours before 2011 finish and 2012 starts.

Hopes? You must be joking! Happy New Year 2011!

Wishes? Yes! Let’s return to basic. Health! I wish all of you have strong health. I wish all of you have the power to bring bread on the table and the strength to be there for each other. I wish that you don’t lose your faith that somewhere there is hope.

Please don’t think that I am a pessimist, on the contrary and just that the last few hours I try to find the right words to write what I wrote shows that somewhere, perhaps deep somewhere there is still hope inside me and still dreams and still a voice that wants to be heard.

At least think of it, Happy New Year 2011

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Eva2011-12-31 11:20:53
Harakiri, anybody?
OK, I'm kidding.
Here's still wishing, hoping, praying for a Happy New Year 2012!

Jack2011-12-31 19:13:44

Happy New Year and a healthy and prosperous one to all the staff, writers, and readers of Ovi Magazine. Thank you for everything you all do.

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