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Toxic waist
by Jan Sand
2006-09-21 22:12:29
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Modern life has presented many threats to humanity. When added to the standard ammunition humanity has to shoot itself in the foot, our progression in technical capability represents an accumulation of direness that must inspire further genius at an accelerating rate in order to avoid total obliteration, not only of the human species, but an awful lot of our companion species as well.

Hollywood has dreamed up all sorts of monsters ranging from a ravenous viscid blob through all sorts of conglomerations of claws, tentacles and teeth to spooky spiritual ectoplasm with homicidal psychokinetic talents. But, somehow, it has missed the latest menaces to civilization, namely, the ubiquitous French fried potato and the hamburger.

This insidious pair has spread throughout the civilized world, insinuated into almost every culture in the manner of the invasive memes of Richard Dawkins, reproducing at a furious pace through the instruments of the huge fast food corporations that pervert local agriculture and animal husbandry into globe spanning uniformity. These evil transformations bring to mind the famous Invasion of the Body Snatchers that steals the souls of innocents and replaces them with voracious vegetables.

Civilization has, of course, created many artificial demons that conquer and destroy by seduction, such as a coterie of habit forming drugs that normal physiology does not need ranging from marijuana and tobacco through to the more powerful stimulants and depressants like heroin and amphetamines. These drugs have all the reproductive intellect of any living creature and subjugate production, marketing and consumer to their will to conquer in the same manner as a malignant organism.

However, the French fry and the hamburger present such an innocent and friendly face to the populace that it is difficult to categorize them as invading aliens. The basic evil, as has been noted for centuries, is an indiscriminate affection for money without noting its deleterious side effects on the community in general. It, too, has all the nasty effects of a plague more fundamental than any of its auxiliary evocations. The abstract flow of obligation is so fundamental to the dynamics of current society that the exorcism of this fiend is totally impractical, although its possibility as an exercise of imagination might prove a fruitful amusement.

The current fatal love affair with fast foods presents a few pressing problems. Recent experiments with animals, such as worms, rats and others, indicate a uniform reaction to minimum nourishment can result in considerable life extension of up to 50%. By discouraging close attention to calorie intake, appetizing fat rich foods not only diminish maximum life span but also encourage diseases of physiology, such as cholesterol accumulation and heart disease and diabetes.

Although criticism of calorie intake supervision and regulation blames each individual as responsible for rational eating, the financial toll on health systems is huge and the misery of the afflicted individuals is an unnecessary drain on human well being. There is an old saying that inside every fat individual is a thin one screaming to get out. Modern life indicates that every individual has fat one scheming to get in and it is an assassin.

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Thanos2006-09-20 08:15:10
Excellent article and unfortunately I am one of those who saw the lethal look of the 'assasin' fat!

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