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Pope quoting history
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-09-29 10:41:09
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Let me see, I read the newspapers every day, I listen to the radio news and I watch the news on television. Most of the time somebody for Iran or Iraq declares war on Christianity and promises he will see my head cut. I see young kids in the name of Qur’an holding automatic guns and shooting in the air promising death to infidels, while their black-dressed holy mentors bless them from the back.

I see raving preachers preaching the destruction of the west and the establishment of Islam, while every time I have to fly I make nervous jokes about the Twin Towers and nobody has the courage, first of all, to apologize to me and, secondly, to tell all these people to just shut up!

And then Byzantine Emperor Paleologos said and the very same preachers demand an apology? Hold on to your camels!!! What’s going on here?

The 14th century signalised the end of the Byzantine Empire and the beginning of the Ottoman Empire. Manual II Paleologos of Byzantine was the grandfather of Theodoros Paleologos, the last emperor of the Byzantine Empire, before the fall of Constantinople, the centre of the Roman and the Christian world. During this time Islam was not just the enemy, it slaughtered the empire that had a face and arms. Manual II was an emperor that could see all that and he said it loud, he said Muhammad had brought to the world only one thing: evil! That was exactly what he saw in the 14th century and in a capital under siege.

Pope Benedict just quoted that in a long speech he made at a German university. Straightaway, Pakistani religious leaders demanded an apology. Just two questions: how many Christian churches are there in Pakistan and is a Christian Pakistani free to practise his religion? Please don’t bother answering!!!

Then Turkey’s religious leaders followed. Ironically, it was at exactly the same minute that the US Secretary of State reported that Turkey has serious issues with religious freedom, especially against the Greek Orthodox Christians and the Ecumenical Patriarch. The Turks even went so far to say that the Pope used ‘hostile’ words. The threats a few months ago against the Patriarch in Constantinople to take his head I suppose was the Turkish way to show friendliness!

In Kashmir the state went so far to seize all the newspapers that reported the Pope’s speech with the excuse that they wanted to prevent any tension. Let me see that, the poor people of Kashmir that have only one thing on their mind, how to survive, wake up and after reading what the Pope quoted on the other side of the world they decide to burn some embassies just like they did a few months before with the Mohammed cartoons.

I’m sure the Turkish, the Pakistani, the Malaysian, the Iranian and the Kashmir newspapers ‘forgot’ to mention that this was an hour’s speech and that it was a quote by somebody else that the Pope used. I’m sure they had gigantic headlines with what some mullah said and conveniently forgot to say what the Pope had said.

The first reaction always comes from fanatics, but this is where another question comes, if that is coming from a few fanatics, why don't the rest stop them and show them what they should have read and calm the people? Or do these fanatics have so much power in today’s Islam that the other voices disappear? And if that is true, then we have a problem and better realize soon that we are trying to make sense and talk with people who don’t listen anyway. They are only listening to their own voice and their hate!

Coming now to the Turks, their democratic faith and their ambition to become members of a free and democratic EU will really be put to the test when Pope Benedict XVI visits them in a few months.

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Robert2006-09-18 12:29:25
The Arabic media is to blame

Eva2006-09-18 17:02:28
I wouldn't blame this only on Arabic media, if so then Western media is equally to blame. I'm sure also they "conveniently forget" to report less headline-making material.
Media thrives on sensationalism.
And when it comes to religious fanatics, it's a two-way road. That's my opinion anyway. I'm tired of religion.

Thanos2006-09-18 19:19:08
I totally agree with you and I will go even further, that there is something definitely wrong with the media internationally. You get the feeling that fear is their aim.
As far religion, unforunately has forced its way into our lives.

Kari2006-09-19 00:53:01
Wierd thing is that some part of moslims have been aggressively naming all others as infidels, not giving any respect for any other religions...
But fanatics are fanatic, no matter which religion they have; anyhow amazing number of fanatics will be found from moslims.

Thanos2006-09-19 16:50:48
"Employees of the state body that organizes Muslim worship in Turkey asked the authorities on Tuesday to open legal proceedings against Pope Benedict and to arrest him when he visits the country in November." what can you say to that just think that a year ago they were threatening the Orthodox Ecumenical patriarch

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