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7th Birthday!
by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
2011-12-20 09:13:18
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December 20 2011, marks the 7th anniversary of Ovi Magazine. I have contributed to the magazine for more than four years now, since May 2007, provoking debates at times but on the whole, I would hope, adding something to the rich intellectual vibrancy of this intriguing on-line publication which, in a wider sense, is a collective effort by the readers, for the readers, for and from the Ovi family. Imperceptibly it has become part of my overall intellectual milieu, a way of keeping in touch with the global cyber world in which we live and have our being.

As I have expressed on other occasions, what attracted me to the magazine from the very beginning was its editorial policy of openness to innumerable issues, even when they clashed as radically opposite points of view. This is a genuine magazine of opinion.

Such an editorial policy invariably stimulates spirited dialogues and even debates that, when they manage to remain civil and convivial and proceed out of knowledge rather than ignorance and ideology, allow for a better grasping of the truth about an issue.

The editors, Thanos and Asa, are to be encouraged and congratulated for sustaining this admirable effort for seven years now. Viva Ovi and ad majorem for many more years.

Dr. Emanuel L. Paparella   


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Jack2011-12-20 22:32:45

I totally concur with you Professor but I see you as more of a friend and I think you add so much to this site as well sir. The editors are indeed to be congratulated no doubt. I think my life has been enriched by such acquaintances even as yours has mine. Happy New Year to all as well and Merry Christmas.

Emanuel Paparella2011-12-21 00:06:39
Indeed Jack, it's a family. There are disagreements at times but the atmosphere remains convivial since the overarching values are conviviality and good will. A toast to conviviality and good will, and Merry Christmas to all.

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