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Happy Birthday Ovi Magazine
by Jack Wellman
2011-12-20 09:12:55
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Not only have I grown in the last seven years, so has Ovi Magazine.  I can look back at some of the articles I have written in the last few years and now cringe with embarrassment.  I am surprised that I wrote with such naïveté.    I suppose that I have learned some things the hard way and those are the best and most well remembered lesson.  Even though I don’t always see eye to eye with all the writers at Ovi, I do respect their skill and esteem their opinions.  I can disagree yet not be disagreeable.  I can differ sharply but not have sharp differences.

I want to thank the entire Ovi staff and all the fine Ovi writers and contributors that have made this web magazine what it is.  Truly it is eclectic in nature, educational in content, and entertaining in reading.  I want to congratulate Ovi Magazine for seven outstanding years on the Internet.  It has been a distinct pleasure to be part of such a fine team of men and women.  It is much like family.  We might never meet but we are close in many ways.  Distance is short on the Internet and our commonality brings us closer.  Like an exquisite, oriental rug, each thread contributes to the overall beauty and makes it so much more valuable than a one-color fabric.  Like Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors, it adorns the World Wide Web and gives class and dignity to it where it otherwise sorely lacks.

Seven is the number of completeness in the Bible and I believe this milestone is one of many yet to come and that makes many of the readers - if not fully satisfied - at least well fed.  Its brain food, its humor, its beauty, is philosophy, its religion, its…Ovi!  An open door for all to walk in.  A door that remains open to opinions and a window into the human mind, body, soul, and spirit.


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