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Iranian Déjà vu
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-09-21 22:10:21
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Another month, another deadline, and in the end nobody will remember when the first deadline was. Every month the same story, gradually they will have to add a new meaning for the word 'déjà vu' in the dictionaries; the UN nuclear watchdog warning Teheran and the puppet president of the mullahs screams innocence.

It is déjà vu that I'm here writing about it as well, since I have done it continually over the last ten months, at least, and I will continue doing it as long as it lasts. I'm just reminding that nuclear power is dangerous and it's against any idea of protecting our earth, but this power in the hands of an aggressive dictatorship with plans to destroy, or using the puppet president's words, demolish, is more than dangerous; it is as though hell has landed here and has a name and religious identity.

Oddly enough, more than a year ago, Iran and the mullahs were screaming that the UN is doing nothing, they were asking responsibilities from the General Secretary and they were constantly complaining about USA ignoring any UN resolution and starting a war. Now the roles have totally turned, the USA is asking for action from the Security Council and the UN, while Iran is just…ignoring it. It's just weeks from the day the Israeli army invaded Lebanon and Iran was storming asking from UN to fulfill its obligations to international peace, while the USA was trying to find out what the weather was like in China.

This is madness and how do they expect the UN to do anything in Sudan, for example, where people die every minute and they are in danger of a real genocide where nobody, just nobody, will be left. There won't even be a trace of their civilization while powerful countries with influence, even dictatorships like Iran, ignore everything. Sudan was just an example, there are unfortunately dozens of places like that all around the word where the UN could offer much better services than fighting in meeting rooms if Iran's nuclear power plan is peaceful or not.

No, it is not peaceful. It has been proved and anybody who doesn't want to admit that is at least ignorant to the fact that nuclear power is not peaceful. Every single country that owns nuclear technology, after building the nuclear plant, went on to create a nuclear bomb. Pakistan and India are the brightest example and everybody has been worrying over the last few years who will be the first of them to press the button. Imagining Hitler with a nuclear bomb terrifies us sixty years after his death, yet a nuclear bomb in the hands of the mullahs is something we can negotiate.

Perhaps the anti-Americanism is so strong that it blinds us in every sense. After a few generations George W. Bush's name will only be used as proof that there was a worse US president than Ronald Reagan. He will be remembered as the goofy, rarely clever president and nothing more. Are ten years of his administration enough to make us forget principals like democracy and peace? How does it work, making him the enemy is turning us to an Iranian Hitler's allies?

The only déjà vu I definitely don't want to see is the one with US troops invading Iran, but this story must have an end. The end must come from the UN, the only thing missing is for all the nations to understand that a religious Iranian Hitler will only bring disaster and if you add to that nuclear power, it only brings fire, tears and death.

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Sand2006-09-19 08:34:11
I am in sympathy with the dislike of the theological totalitarianism in Iran but the nuclear cat is pretty much out of the bag and the world must live with that. China and Russia will not go along with strong measures against Iran so if Iran goes nuclear it will just be one more nation reluctant to use the bomb under the threat of a terrible reprisal.

Thanos2006-09-23 17:35:57
Unfortunately I have to agree! Still I cannot believe that once more a dictatorship will be holding a weapon of this size!

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