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Turkish thin ice
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-09-21 22:09:20
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In international politics, Turkey seems to continually walk on thin ice and really tests the patience of all her allies. The American invasion of Iraq made things worse when Turkey refused to help, so the Americans had to find allies and they had to find them here and now. They found them, but it just happened to be the worst possible choice for Turkey: the Kurds.

If that was not enough, like in a cosmic conspiracy, Israel invades Lebanon and Turkey starts crying wolf again at the wrong time. Turkey’s Islamic friendly government, led by Mr. Erdogan and with the help of the Turkish parliament where he holds a strong majority, decided to refuse help to the USA for their invasion of Iraq. This came as a shock to the US administration; it just never crossed their mind that Turkey would have ever refused any kind of favor and spoiled all their plans.

For over fifty years, Turkey gave the giant ally just anything they wished. Nobody ever dared to say no to America, nobody ever thought to say no. Naturally, there were ones who would like to say no, but before they could even think it they would find themselves traveling on the midnight express and Ankara would see tanks parading at the very same moment.

What did the Americans do? They turned to the Kurds through necessity. The Kurds, from their side, put their independence, among many other feelings, to one side and helped the Americans in every possible way. The airfields the US army was looking for appeared in the Kurdish land of Iraq. The invasion started and the Americans landed in Baghdad, they captured Saddam Hussein and the Kurdish part in Iraq is stronger than ever. Obviously that was not the only award they took for their help and Turkey knows that too, since they’ve also been rewarded in their past for their help to gigantic allies.

For nearly fifty years ‘yes, sir’ Turkey have Cyprus. What are the Kurds going to get? Mr. Erdogan knows that the Kurds are going to be the nemesis of the last of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey is going to shrink more and more to make the dream of some geopolitical analysts come true: a Turkey in three pieces.

If that was not enough, there is also the EU disappointment of their poor improvement to meet the criteria for a candidate member, still failing to recognize a full EU member with the right of veto and then came the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. In a petty and miserable way, by investing in the terrorist phobia of the Americans, the Turkish government made a surprise decision by supporting Israel, which went against the national feeling and the whole world’s worry about the events. Turkey had only one thing in mind, they could invade Iraq to hit the Kurds - just like Israel invaded Lebanon - and they started demolishing Kurdish villages.

Last week in Diarbakir, south eastern Anatolia, 14 people died, including four kids from an explosive. The Turkish government took a few hours to blame the Kurds promoting the need of an invasion to Iraq once again. It took only a few days to reveal that the explosion had nothing to do with the Kurdish independence movement and the PKK. What was that? The paramilitary assistance to the almighty Turkish army? Probably.

Using the good old methods, tested for centuries and supported by the militaristic establishment, they create the excuses. However, all the excuses and poor reasoning keep hitting the same wall: the Americans. The Americans have a plan, they have made deals and they don’t have the luxury to lose allies. Turkey is walking on a very thin ice and it is not the Aegean underneath, but a very deep ocean with a lot of monsters.

Perhaps the time has come to forget all the pettiness and expired tricks and think about what they really want. I suggest starting with the EU, if the EU is their target, and Cyprus is the solution.

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Caner Pisgin2006-09-18 15:16:56
A biased article from a biased greek... no surprise at all..

Thanos2006-09-18 19:21:16
Cute, is this a Turkish comment? Any surprise?

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