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The European democracy of Weimar
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-12-10 11:29:36
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Lady Thatcher – if her fragile health let’s her – must dealing with really contradict feeling tonight. She won in Europe and lost in Britain! Twenty years after, her economic policy became the official EU policy while Cameron, the British PM follows much defferent way, more labour way rejecting it.

By the way, have you notice this morphing trick they use in contemporary music videos? The one where one face morphs into another keeping some characteristics or where a woman’s face morphs with a tiger face? Well, the last few hours we all watch the EU flag, the know the one with the 12 stars morphs into the German flag and EU becomes the living space for the old German Deutsch-mark and Europe becomes like a time-travel clip the Weimar Democracy with the same fears and errors. Apart from the rebuilding of Germany the biggest fear and enemy of the Weimar Democracy was the economy with inflation getting to unbelievable heights, the mark losing its international influence and unemployment reaching 30%.

Of course nowadays we don’t talk about inflation, this is obviously not political correct for the German, the French and the British even the American economy, nowadays we are talking about ratings and triple As. We are not talking about losing international influence we just beg China for help forgetting conveniently human rights and democracy and we are not talking about unemployment since homeless don’t count and living under the limits of poverty but still having a job even though working for pennies doesn’t cast you as unemployed.

And there are more signs and sins of the Weimar Democracy, the rise of the far-right and that in the name of democracy. From Finland to Greece extreme right movement spread all around Europe taking place in the states’ governments and under the cover of Euro-sceptics invading the mainstream parties. The True Finns are a nightmarish reality in Finland and LAOS is part of the new Greek government despite xenophobic, prejudice and often unconstitutional populisms. And still this is not the terrifying part of the Weimar democracy, the terrifying part is what came after, and perhaps what came after declined inflation and obliterated unemployment but the same time nearly obliterated humanity. And stupidity it will always make me angry because somehow we never learn and it is not history repeating herself but humans repeating history incapable to learn from their mistakes, and dooming humanity with every reprise.

And don’t think that Cameron rejected the plan because he didn’t like it; he rejected it because he didn’t like the idea of the Tin-lady and Shorty leading and manipulating Europe, Britain is well tied with the American wagon and Cameron is following the American way to escape the financial crisis knowing that the European solutions serve only the very few – name Germany – and definitely not Britain and finally Cameron has realize something that the others are missing. You see there is a tiny small detail Angela and Nicolas pretend that there is not there but can change things radically very soon. Soon both of them are going for elections and at least Angela is definitely going to lose big – all the signs are there – and Nicolas might find baby-sitting more interesting. In this case while Angela was acting in the name of the people the next chancellor might act with the people and all that IF the crisis doesn’t deepen and Angela’s solution not become Europe’s nemesis.

Lady Thatcher would have been really proud for her European counterparts nowadays and especially the tin-lady – definitely not an iron lady - Chancellor Angela Merkel; they managed to do exactly what she was planning thirty years ago and I have talked about it before. A Europe under the same blueprint of the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth where the empire withdrawn the arms and replaced them with the pound. Controlling the states’ economies with the pound and dominating their markets in a totalitarian form. Having a saying even in local issues but most importantly controlling every member’s national sovereignty from behind the curtains! I presume the British PM, David Cameron might have disappointed her a little with his American way of dealing with economic issue but Lady Thatcher knows very well that …nobody is perfect!

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Emanuel Paparella2011-12-10 12:23:47
Indeed Thanos, you are quite right, what we have in place today is ominously reminiscent of the Weimar Republic preceding the advent of the charismatic superman who saves the day with strong totalitarian solutions. The people are starved for a vision of a truly democratic union based on an authentic cultural identity and instead they get bread and circus. Fellini, were he still alive, would at this point: bring in the clown. One, Berlusconi, has already resigned and may now go to jail for his malfeasance, the others are now very busy not in saving the union but in saving the euro, period, and put humpy dumpty back together again so the special economic interests can carry on as usual. It would be funny, if it weren’t so sad. But it will not work. Humpty Dumpty is permanently broken, and either a leader with vision comes forward and offers a radically new ideal and just paradigm on how to be in this world as it is constituted, or democracy and the people perish and another Adolf or Benito, the charismatic strong man, will eventually arrive on the scene as a savior of sort. Ancient Roman history is instructive here: by the time we get to Nero and Caligula and their perversions, humpty dumpty was broken already and all the king’s men could not put it together again. Jefferson put it best: those who privilege the economy over freedom and democracy eventually lose both. This time around it will not take four hundred years for the dissolution to arrive, for this union is not that strong and it is already beginning to show the signs of coming apart at the seam. How did Yates put it? The center does not hold.

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