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A paedophile party?
by Asa Butcher
2006-09-15 11:25:39
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The idea of a political party advocating underage sex, gambling, drugs, public nudity, the elimination of marriage and legalizing the private use of child pornography should be the product of a twisted comedy sketch show, but it has become a ghastly reality in Holland. On May 31st, 2006, the Partij voor Naastenliefde, Vrijheid & Diversiteit was officially granted permission to participate in Dutch elections and the outrage across Europe has been justifiably furious.

As a father, no, as a human being, the idea of an official group proposing the legalisation of child pornography is odious, abhorrent and loathsome. The implausible statement made by the judges following the ruling read, "The freedom of expression, the freedom of assembly and the freedom of association ... should be seen as the foundations of the democratic rule of law and the PNVD is also entitled to these freedoms."

Bullshit! What else can you say to that? Are we now going to compare cartoons of Mohammed to a political party supporting sex with 12-year-olds? The PNVD advocate kids to have the vote, have intercourse, gamble, choose their place of residence and use soft drugs from twelve-years-old; naturally, they say that hard drugs would be legal at 16. This must be the product of a disturbed hidden camera show in an attempt to fool a mass audience, but this is the repulsive abuse of democracy.

The PNVD are no fools having brainstormed and included some additional policies that will prove they are not beasts and will even appeal to their future demographic. A comprehensive animal rights platform will strike a chord with every 12-year-old because they all hate to see bad things happen to puppies and kittens; you know, they are so young, so helpless and so innocent that you couldn't take advantage of them, but some monsters still do even though it is illegal.

Naturally, the founders of the party are careful not to support all paedophilia and sexual relationships, but reason that only "coerced" or "dangerous" sexual activity should be punished, as if they know what those limits are. They also call for separate imprisonment facilities for sex offenders, arguing that 'the country would otherwise have indirect torture laws' and, anyway, you have to start by protecting your own kind…fellow humans that is.

Every day I am increasingly desensitised to many aspects of this planet, but the idea that democracy supports this detestable political party makes my skin crawl. We can only hope that there is a European Union law that can overrule the judges in Holland because the last thing paedophilia needs is platform from which to voice its opinions.

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Rinso2006-09-14 22:23:49
I too was shocked when I learned about the PNVD. Their ideas are discusting. But this (and a stupid remark from a minister) has started an investigation in the Netherlands if these kind of parties can be forbidden. It has been suggested that groups like the PNVD, Sharia promoting groups and ultra right wing groups can become illegal. And that worries me too. After that it is only a small step to forbid anything that is to far from the average opinion.

Thanos2006-09-14 22:49:18
Democracy is always standing on a very thin ice. But the same time you cannot leave a party that promotes pedophilia. Sharia? Ultra right? That sounded like the worst nightmare!!!

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