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The big fat European mess
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-12-08 07:33:45
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Reading the latest news about the euro-crisis I came with the conclusion that now more than ever Europe is in need of a psychologist and not an economist. Let me give you an example, last week the Finnish minister for European affairs Alexander Stubb said that the triple A European states should have extra influence, saying and decision making over EU issues. Yesterday the Finnish finance minister Jutta Urpilainen said that she rejects recent proposals by France and Germany for solving the eurozone debt crisis and today the chair of the Finnish Parliament’s Constitutional Law Committee said that the French-German euro-zone proposal is unconstitutional! And this was just an example since similar messages coming from all around Europe including Germany and France.

And even though you might not take seriously the Finns – their real market value despite the triple As is much lower than the most indebted EU members – this schizophrenic situation has flood all Europe with most European states looking desperately some  kind of buoy somewhere. And obviously Merkel and Sarkozy didn’t fulfil the expectations mainly because instead of securing the European stability they tried to secure their conquered and ruling agendas through the banking system. And they doing so wrestling with the banking system instead of manipulating it with the obvious result the puppeteers and become the puppets.

But as I have often mentioned from Ovi magazine pages the economic problem is just the peak of the iceberg, the real problem and the real crisis in Europe is in democracy, democracy is in crisis and there is no sign at the moment not that there is anything done but that they even realize it. And when I talk about Europe I definitely don’t mean Herman Van Rompuy or José Manuel Barroso – these two definitely live on another planet – but the self-proclaimed European leadership, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Actually in this point I feel obliged to make clear one thing. I never voted for Angela Merkel, I never seen her name in any of the Greek elections and I never been in Mecklenburg the city that elects her, further more I have no right to vote in Germany or Mecklenburg. I didn’t even know where the damn place is before googling it. So how this woman elected in Germany was silently chosen and self-proclaimed from the representatives of the representatives of my representatives to rule and dominate mine and my kid’s future I have no idea. What I know is that exactly this - woman elected in Germany was silently chosen and self-proclaimed from the representatives of the representatives of my representatives – shows how deep the democracy crisis is in Europe this moment.

I have nothing against the woman, she actually reminds me a lot of my late grand-aunt Helen but I hate her politics and her transparent agenda definitely terrifies me, using a democratic system that trembles she’s trying to establish an oligarchy with a monarch. This is the part where the need of a psychologist is again an absolute necessity.

In the meantime organizations from all around Europe collect food and clothes for the Greek kids, a minister in Italy breaks in sobs and the number of homeless in Portugal reaches critical points. And that makes you wander what Europe will be left for Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy to rule!

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Eva2011-12-08 09:26:08
...a disunified and messy one..

Emanuel Paparella2011-12-08 14:53:53
To return to Silone the prophet, he said somewhere in Emergency Exit that in Italy and Europe too despite the appearance of a united Europe and the flourishing of democracy after World War II, there were many wolves in sheep’s clothing, prowling around with nefarious agenda which did not augur well for the kind of Europe envisioned by Dante and Dawson. Not for nothing Silone has been called a prophet. He is dead now but he must be turning in his grave and must be exclaiming with Verdi’s Hebrew choir (in Nabucco): “oh patria mia, si bella e perduta!” [oh my country, so beautiful and so lost.]

marianne2011-12-09 12:50:27
You are perfectly right Thanos, time for Eurocitizens to wake up and not only occupying the financial places but the political fields and come with proposals. Merkel and Sarkozy have ideas to save the euro, but no idea to implement democracy. They are not the saviors of a political union, they have not been elected for that, they are just the saviors of a financial mess, in which their own countries are deeply embroiled. There is no democracy in Europe, there is a need of democracy: Six key reforms for a democratic governance of Euroland http://www.newropeans-magazine.org/content/view/12555/426/lang,english/

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