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Angela, do you feel nervous tonight?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-11-30 07:14:22
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It really made me smile the latest demand from The “True” Finns* party, the far-right xenophobic Finnish party, for the government to put a price on exiting Euro and the eurozone. And that only days since the minister for the European affairs had declared that the euro-zone at least regarding financial issues should be ruled by the triple A countries. Actually it reminded me how Finland had reacted near the end of the WWII and just before the Nazis’ end. Just changed sides and doesn’t matter all the promises and all the oaths the tide had changed and the loses where far less flipping sides.

And perhaps when the crisis starts knocking Germany’s door hard is about time to think of a plan B just to make sure that you can guarantee the safety of your own citizens but where are you going to turn to this moment? And The “True” Finns had a second demand as well as their leader Timo Soini pointed, they also demanded that Finland stops supporting heavily indebted eurozone countries; meaning what? Greece was one thing and one way or another it was France that was and is going to lift most of the weight, but now we are talking about Italy and in Italy’s case the Greek debt looks like pennies plus the weight this time will be shared mainly among Germany and satellites. So Timo, following historic traditions thought, the Germans will be screwed soon lets run as far away we can as fast as possible. Alliance, solidarity, friendship, partnership? What the hell is that?

But perhaps the one who should learn more about this lesson is not the Finnish government but Angela Merkel. You see if The “True” Finns made their demands in the parliament doesn’t necessary means that they were the first to talk about it or think about a possible exit and cost of it. They just brought it n the open the same way populist parties do for decades. And similar talking has also already started in other German satellites like Holland. And we all know nowadays what happens when trust is shaking and in this case is not just shaking is like an earthquake.

It’s somehow funny but a few days ago watching a film one of the actors used one cliché from similar crime films, “don’t do the crime if you can not do the time.” And the funny part is how well this phrase suits the German chancellor. For nearly a decade she – and all the economic, banking and industrialist system behind her – did everything possible for the German economic domination over Europe. She gone so far even to anger and make really nervous the French emperor Nicolas and the British juggler David. But apart of hiding behind the German banks and the German industrialists she never did anything more. actually in the end what she managed to do was a monster worst than the Frankenstein’s one because her monster had glass legs and no fists. And when Angela was creating the monster even though following the blue prints she didn’t take the right decisions – in her case the political decisions – and her confidence influenced all the allies and partners following the plan with the glass legs and a monster that would fall with the first hit.

And it is wrong to blame Greece for what happens or the chain reaction that followed even for the domino effect that will follow but the ones who should have taken the political decisions and let Europe defendless to that first hit. So now with the internal trust definitely shaken and the allies and satellites escaping it makes you wander if Angela feels nervous tonight!

* I find pathetic, ridiculous and at least hypocritical (characteristics of all populist and extreme-right parties all around and since Hitler’s …socialist party) that even though the party is called Perussuomalaiset which in Finnish translates the True Finns to erase the “True” part when is written in English because they are aware that people will connect the name with its true racist identity. The same time I find it insulting to the Finnish people who do know that the party by the name’s definition is prejudice and racist but they think of them stupid enough not to understand. So I continue using their REAL name!

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