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The day of the movie The day of the movie
by Bohdan Yuri
2006-12-06 10:01:22
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towers on fire
crimpling steel,
sucked into the vortex of death.
souls falling

dying one by one
and in bunches on each floor,

left behind,
the hollow walls of what once was.
suspended as in eternity,
ghostly, trembling from what was below,
crumbled bodies
and parts of whatever innocence
still pretended to believe.

the remains,

that night the sky was filled
with the residue of ghosts,
spreading with the current
into the farthest reaches
of any civilization that cared.

September 11, 2001,
was not like any other day,
on that date, America
was in a real horror movie.

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Thanos2006-09-11 18:56:32
Very good poem Yuri, even though for a very sad event.

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