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Liar, Liar..!!
by Christos Mouzeviris
2011-11-18 07:24:08
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French President Nicolas Sarkozy was caught calling Israel's Prime Minister Mr Netanyahu "a liar!" During the recent G-20 Summit in Cannes France, Mr. Sarkozy while on a private conversation with U.S. President Mr Obama unaware that the microphones were switched on said: "I cannot bear Netanyahu, he's a liar."

Enabling reporters in a separate location to listen in to a simultaneous translation, the plot thickened when Mr. Obama reportedly replied: "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you," according to the French interpreter.

To me this is hilarious and fascinating for many reasons; first we get a glimpse on how our politicians work or think of each other. No different than classroom schoolchildren! With their strops, fake friendships, alliances, back stabbing comments... Then we get a confirmation about America's relationship with Israel, something we always knew, but now we also see that this does not always mean a perfect relationship.

Why America is supporting Israel no matter what, comes down to supporting and protecting their interests.Everybody knew that. What we did not know was that each US President did not always "feel the love" for each Israeli Prime Minister. And perhaps that Israeli Governments and their policies do become a bit of a pain sometimes for the US and the West.

I can only imagine what goes around a diplomatic table, when our leaders meet in those "summits" or state visits. It can't be much different than when we, ordinary citizens meet with our colleagues to work; with everything that goes in those meetings! Ah, sure! Wasn't ex Czech Prime Minister Mr. Topolanek that was photographed naked in one of Italy's ex Prime Minister Mr. Berlusconi pools? Politics, power, money and fornication go hand to hand, don't they? Good for them...

So why the USA and Europe support Israel no matter what? Has this unconditional "love" for them made them the spoiled child of the West? If even our leaders are tired of their politicians antics, is Israel's elite abusing their position of power? That means that Palestinians pay the price of course. Did you notice how the USA reacted when Palestine joined UNESCO recently? They just withdrew their funding from the agency ; bulling or what? Either we do as we think it's best or we are withdrawing the only powerful and most successful weapon we've got; our money!

Lately, Israelis got so over confident that they suggested an attack on Iran to stop their nuclear ambitions. As if things were not fragile enough in the middle East. An attack on Iran would most likely mean another World War and perhaps the end of the Western culture as we know it. Our economies can not take another war. Yet they still want to drag us into another never ending conflict. More conflict with the Arab countries, as if we were not hugely involved in their affairs anyway.

First was the oil in Iraq and God knows what in Afghanistan that our corrupt elites dragged us into (oh and the war on terror of course). How many more years are we going to have power struggles in the middle East? How much all this is really costing us?And who benefits from all this? What do we, the citizens of Europe gain from these conflicts. How can all this be any good!

 A lot of things are changing now days in the region though. Turkey's relationship with Israel, after the Turkish flotilla to Gaza incident, has changed. Turkey's relationship with Syria, after the protests crackdown by the its President Mr. Bashar al-Assad has also changed. The Arab Spring and the political changes that have happened and are still happening throughout the Arab World. Watch the space people, there are certainly more to come!

But if Netanyahu is a liar, what does this say about his country, Israel's policies, their interests, our leaders who support Israel, USA and Europe's choices and alliances? If our leaders are "forced" to work with a liar, cooperate with him and support the regime in his country, I do not see much justification in their claims about the region. They also spoke about Greece's ex Prime Minister Mr. Papandreou that " he is mad", yet at least he had the decency to quit when in pressure. Of course Greece is in huge turmoil now days, while any crisis has yet to reach Israel. And I don't think it will.

So, there we have it. One politician who is confirmed as a liar by his own colleagues. I wonder are there any honest ones in Europe or the World! How many things we do not know about but we have to pay for and suffer them!  Thanx to out "lying" or "mad" politicians, we can rest assured that our World won't change for the better anytime soon! Wonder what they say about Mrs Merkel behind her back! Don't you just dying to know?


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Emanuel Paparella2011-11-18 11:57:22
Inddeed. Augustine used to say that there is no honor among bandits and thieves. Things have not changed that much since then and the kettle is still calling the pot black. What did Jung call it, projection: we see our faults in the eye of the other. There must be something to the theology of original sin despite Rousseau's turning it up-side-down!

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