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Why not Olli Rehn for Greek Prime Minister?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-11-11 07:22:35
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So, all this chaotic situation, all this Greek drama, the mailing and the blackmailing, negotiating, netting and formatting was all about a banker who has worked very closely with the German bankers glorifying the dream of the new deutsche-mark to become the new Greek prime minister? I suppose most have already in the news about the drama played behind the walls of the Greek parties’ offices and I have to admit the more I listen the European leaders – especially Merkel and Sarkozy – to be thrilled with the new Greek prime minister, Lucas Papademos, the more scared I am for the Greek people. You see the whole move might – MIGHT – saved Greek economy but I’m afraid harmed democracy. For years I’m talking about the failure of representative democracy the way it has evolutes and I’m really sorry to see my country, the country that first applied the democratic values, to be also the first to ridicule democracy as it is.

And challenging more democracy, the first thing the new Greek Prime minister said after officially taking over was that he’s not a politician believing that that was the most important thing in times of social, political and economic crisis and if you think about it you will see how seriously wounded our democracy is. And note this “our” and don’t limit the crisis into the Greek borders. The crisis in international and democracy this minute suffers seriously torturing the people. When Tony Blair passed the rule of Britain to Gordon Brown I pointed that this was a handicap for democracy. People never voted for Gordon Brown, actually people despised Gordon Brown and they had the chance to show it unfortunately not only dismissing Gordon but dooming the Labour Party perhaps for years to come and delivering Britain to the hands of Cameron. In Greece the last few years both the two main parties have lost the trust of the people and the last few months especially after the failure of the socialist party to defend them, have lost the last signs of power and dignity. However after playing power games – in the name of democracy – for nearly a week, they employed a third party – actually somebody who prides not been a politician – to lead the country out of the crisis and apply the most inhuman austerity measures in the European history.

But the bad news don’t stop there. In the name of democracy and unity – to represent a united face to the European partners and “allies” so they will approve the money flow – the new government will include even the populists, xenophobic and racist part of the extreme right. The over 90% of the Greek people never voted for them, never wanted them in a position of power and never wanted them ruling the country most importantly through sensitive ministries. However they are going to be part of the new government and even though the moment I’m writing this nothing has been announced only rumours, they might hold a ministry like the justice ministry. The part that its leader a year ago had the idea that all immigrants should get in a boat and under the threat of the cannons to be kicked out of the country in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. The representative democracy!

And out of curiosity because this “I’m not a politician” really bothers me and it shows too many things about the contemporary political life, does the non-politician think that he can apply any kind of measures and since he’s not a politician nobody will react? Or does he think that because he’s not a Politian therefore no political dreams and ambitions he can apply anything he likes without fear? Is this how they understand democracy? Is this how they understand the power of the people?

For ten days Greece is without government trying to form a united government, that’s what they said. Unfortunately the truth is far-far away. For ten days the Greek politicians – just like Berlusconi is doing this minute, just like Sarkozy and Merkel will do in a few months – were trying a way to cover their ass and prepare the way for their come back. For ten days non of them wanted to participate in the government because for the new test the European leadership is doing trying to find an exit of the crisis they need to apply worst economic measures over the people and non of them wanted to risk their political future and the possibility to lose their parliamentarian seat, the possibility of a ministry or even Prime minister’s seat. That was their problem and that’s why they found somebody who is “not a politician” and the same time a good servant to the international banking cartel. The man was one of them for a decade, he knows and his boss is not the Greek people, you see he’s not a “politician” and he was not elected to be the Prime minister. He was never elected to rule the people, manage their interest and serve them. He would never dare! And since I’m rather angry this moment, scared that democracy is in really serious trouble one last question, since everybody is so thrilled for the new Greek Prime Minister and since Merkel, Sarkozy even Obama find it right a banker NOT elected from the Greek people accompanied from the most fascist elements of the Greek political life to rule Greece why didn’t they put Olli Rehn in his place? What would have been the difference?

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Emanuel Paparella2011-11-12 10:42:05
Well said Thanos. Indeed, it seems to me that since the West’s myopic politicians do not wish to change the misguided paradigm governing Western governments and offer the vision of a different more democratic, less predatory civilization to the people who are starved for a more just and equitable society (hence the occupy protests around the developed world), it was almost inevitable that those same politicians would install as PMs of Greece and Italy two technocrats beholden to the banks as PM of Greece and Italy. The delusion is that they will fix the crisis, a crisis conceived as a mere economic crisis, when in reality it is a cultural crisis, a dismal failure of the imagination unable to return to the origins of Greco-Roman civilization. These technocrats will fix nothing because they will apply a wrong prognosis to the wrong diagnosis of what ails Western civilization; they will continue to construe the EU as a union of banks and commerce and nothing else despite their pious pronouncements about democracy, they will merely attempt to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

In the process the people will continue to be starved of justice and democracy. I fear not only for Greece and Italy but for the whole of Europe and Western civilization in search of its soul; a soul which has been sold for a dish of lentils.

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