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The kiss of Death for the Euro, or a bluff?
by Christos Mouzeviris
2011-11-09 07:23:24
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So after months of just announcing to the Greek public new cuts, new austerity measures and the worsening state of Greece's economy, here comes a bomb from the country's Prime Minister! Mr. Papandreou decided to give the Greeks a referendum on the EU/IMF bail out plan! One would think that such actions would take place right in the start of the bail out negotiations. Why now?

I am not sure I trust Mr. Papandreou to be honest. He did lie to the public many times before; he reassured the Greeks that Greece has money and no bail outs or austerity measures would be needed. He promised them no more austerity cuts after the first ones were announced. Then after trying so hard to stamp out any protest or opposition he announces out of the blue a referendum, that should have been technically offered to the Greek people in the beginning. And of course after a mounting pressure by his other European counterparts, he withdraws the referendum option, fighting for his seat.

So what is he up to? Was it a gaff, a bluff or a well calculated act with hidden agendas? Some say it was a mistake to plan a referendum. I am not so sure. Because suddenly, the focus of the crisis in Greece went from the austerity cuts, the suffering and fight for survival of the Greek public, to if Greece will stay in the eurozone or even EU itself! It is like blackmailing the Greeks; either you accept the austerity measures, or you are out! And of course we knew that he won't go ahead with it, simply because everybody knows what the outcome would be; a secure NO!The Greek public for the record never questioned their country's EU membership. They just can't take any more cuts! But by voting NO they would unwillingly put in question the country's future in the eurozone and EU. So either you say yes and you "democratically" accept the cuts, or you are out of the club!

Others said that he tried to make himself seemingly caring for his people, and give them a "democratic" option and choice! So where was democracy in the beginning of the crisis, when salaries were slashed up to 40% and taxes rose to 23%! Why didn't he practice "democracy" then, when he should have! Instead he used lying, bullying and propaganda in order to make the Greek Parliamentarians to vote and approve the austerity measures and not just one but two bail out packages; the second just to repay the first one!

To give you an image of what is going on in Greece right now; imagine if you hear in the media on a daily basis, about new cuts and austerity measures, plans to reform the country, different scenarios of potential disaster. Jobs to be cut, sell out of all national companies and resources. Not to mention the merges of hospitals, universities,ministries and local authorities, in an effort to  weaken any social services and coherence. Imagine the stress that the Greek public are going through. Which of the global Media ever focused on this aspect of the crisis?

Any protests are rigged by violence and we know who causes them! It has always been this way in Greece. "Tools" of the Greek police and establishment, infiltrate any protest and start violent incidents, not only to turn the public opinion against those protests, but also to show a negative image of the country to the foreign press.

I oppose the bail out plan and I would vote NO if given the chance because: Greece is forced to sell out its national assets to its lenders. That is what happened to Africa and we see now the results.They will never recover. It is an enslavement. The Greeks were so gracious to erase Germany’s debt to them after WW2, so why now the Germans do not return the favor? It is a classic case of European/American/Western Vulture Culture: bring a nation to its knees, then offer them “help” in the form of loans, make them bankrupt and then rush in for the kill to take everything of them! If Europe wanted to help Greece they should do it unconditionally. How many times didn’t they involve Greece in their wars with huge costs to this country? THEY owe Greece, not the other way around!

What a nice example of solidarity from the Finns and the Germans demanding Greek islands and even the Parthenon as guarantees.Shame on them! And what about the British? They too meddled many times in Greece's internal affairs and in fact it was almost a British protectorate or colony after WW2. They also used our country by taking our gold and making huge profits by the wars they got us involved in! Now they have the nerve to slander us!We are forced to buy French, German and British submarines, tanks and air-crafts, worth of millions of euros, yet they use the common Market to take our goods cheaply and with no tax! Greece is just a protectorate of the rich European nations, since the beginning of its existence as a state! And not just Greece, but most new or future EU  states.

We should not be forced to be in such harsh austerity measures for another decade at least. Would a German, A Finn, a French man or a Dutch and a Brit accept a 40% cut of their salaries? If yes then I might just change my mind! They have huge debts themselves too, but we are called to pay for them and cover their debts. All European/ Western countries are hugely indebted but the finger is being pointed only to the weakest links, like Greece! Victimize them so it would be easier to make them accept the fate that they have for them! So not only we are not allowed to exploit our natural resources, not only we are forced to participate in a eurozone that benefits the richer nations mainly, as it was designed after their economic model; we are called to "save" it as well and pay off the debts of others. Plus we get the slander for it!

And another thing. Recently in Ireland they discovered a “mistake” that they have an extra 3.6 billion euro in their accounts. Yet no consideration to redesign the up-coming new austerity plan for 2012.Since we have an extra 3.6 BILLION euro amount, why don’t we put it towards the debt and lift some weight of the backs of the people? Something smells fishy here. As if austerity must come and be put on the shoulders of the citizens at all costs! But why? If Ireland has less debt than expected, why austerity measures must still be put at place? Money appear and disappear by “mistake” in Ireland, and Prime Ministers in Greece lie about if the country has money or not. What’s the name of your game Leaders of Europe?

European leaders knew that Greece was in a bad shape! Why didn’t they do something about it ten years ago? Mr Juncker, Luxembourg's Prime Minister admitted it.They all knew but they did nothing. Is it to hide their own problems back home, or the real reason was that they wanted Greece to fail so they can have an easy picking at its resources? Just a thought!

I am not against EU or the euro. They are not the problem. Our Governments are! They do deals between them, with the rich powerful nations literally bullying the poorer or the "peripheral" ones. This has to stop! Time for us to smell the coffee and wake up. This division between rich and poor nations of Europe is manufactured and does not help anyone. Again, divide and rule tactics. The rich nations' citizens believe that the poor countries are out there to take their jobs and money, that they are corrupt and incompetent when in fact it is the rich nations that are corrupt. If the rich nations do not allow the poorer to prosper and keep them in poverty, of course their citizens will migrate to the richer states and there will be the need of constant support and subsidies for their countries. If they allow them to prosper, thus a redistribution of wealth takes place among the European "partners", then there will be no more need for that! But who will dare to demand it?

As for Mr. Papandreou, a half American that was born, studied and lived in U.S.A. for the first years of his life, comes from a family that has been sharing the governance of Greece with other two or three families for the past few decades.....His motives, his actions, his influences and his advisors are certainly questionable! And he is not the only one in Europe! Are our Leaders working for our interests or is our "democracy" a matrix? In Greece it certainly is! This country looks more like an oligarchy, ruled by a corrupt elite, members of a few families and their accolades, supported and put in place by foreign "powers" from the dawn of Greece's existence as a state!

So every time I hear about the "crisis" in Greece, it makes me wonder! Is there even a real crisis? Some welcome the "Troika's" involvement in modernizing Greece, its taxation system and institutions. Yes that may be something positive that may come out of all this mess. The question is, why haven't all the previous Greek Governments implemented those reforms all those years being an EU member state, with the encouragement and guidance of our "partners"? What was the EU been doing since 1981 when Greece joined EU, and why did they need a deep crisis like this to take action? And they are not doing it unconditionally as they should; they are asking heaven and earth of Greece in return. Perhaps that is the real reason?

Why announce thousands of job loses in the public sector of Greece for example now, that there are no jobs? Where will all those people go? Why didn't they create decades ago new industries and jobs, while trimming the size of the Greek public sector? Then it would not be a problem, simply because there would be jobs to absorb all those that were being laid off. Thus not making them a problem for the tax payer that needs to support now all those unemployed. Why weren't we allowed or encouraged to exploit our natural resources that we have (oil, natural gas,uranium and gold), create industries so the Greeks would not have to find as a solution to a future career with prospects, a job in the ever growing Public Sector! There were no decent jobs in Greece apart the tourism, shipping, property and farming industries. So if you studied anything else you either remained unemployed, or you had to migrate elsewhere. Now they are calling the Greeks lazy and corrupt, while it is the system they all supported that is corrupt and unfair.

Wake up Europe! What is happening now in Greece, might happen next to your countries. In fact I believe that Greece is the first test. If things go as they plan them for the Greeks, surely others will follow in Europe! Be ware!


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